“You guys don’t have ST!”… Urging Chelsea to return to ST 150 billion

 Chelsea succeeded in recruiting players last winter by holding an all-time money feast in the market, but the reversal has not been achieved.

The English Premier League (EPL) ranking is 10th, and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) is also struggling. Chelsea lost 0-1 to Dortmund in the first leg of the UCL Round of 16. As a result, rumors about the dismissal of director Graham Porter are gaining momentum.

Many experts cited Chelsea’s problem as the absence of a forward striker. They had many players in the winter transfer market, but there was no striker they needed most. It is analyzed that there is no killer who can score goals, so Chelsea cannot expect an upward trend.

In this situation, there is someone who suggested a way for Chelsea to solve this problem at once. It is Owen Hargreaves, who played as a teammate with Manchester United legend Rio Ferdanand. They urged the return of a striker with one voice. This is Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan).

Lukaku joined Chelsea from Inter Milan in 2021. He was a striker who was evaluated as one of the world’s leading strikers, and the transfer fee was a whopping 97.5 million pounds (153.2 billion won). But his hopes turned to despair. Lukaku couldn’t adapt to Chelsea and didn’t gain trust. He was eventually loaned out to Inter Milan in 2022.

Lukaku has been sluggish due to recent injuries and other reasons. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he played for the Belgian national team and showed the worst performance. But he seems to be coming back to life lately. In particular, in the first leg of the UCL round of 16 between Inter Milan and Porto on the 23rd, Lukaku scored the opening goal and was responsible for Inter Milan’s 1-0 victory. 메이저놀이터

Seeing this, Ferdinand urged Chelsea to return Lukaku from loan. He told England’s ‘BT Sport’, “Returning Lukaku may be the answer for Chelsea. I hope that Porter will give Lukaku a chance. Chelsea do not have a striker that Porter trusts now. How can Lukaku do that? “He’s a striker who knows if he’s going to score. He’s been coming back with two goals in the last two matches.”

Hargreaves also said: “It’s good for Chelsea to get back together with a proven striker. Chelsea don’t have a striker right now. In this situation, Lukakura is a really good option. You have to use that. Lukaku is a proven striker. Lukaku in the summer. We need to bring Koo back,” he insisted.

But Lukaku still doesn’t show much reaction. Asked about returning to Chelsea after the Porto match, he said: “I haven’t received any contact from Chelsea. I’m not in contact with anyone at Chelsea. I want to focus on the present.”

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