Yongin City Hall Jang Ye-chan, the strongest in the general division of the SBS Kendo King Competition

Park Hyo-jun wins 1-0 after overtime… Elementary school Yoo Jae-in and high school Jang Ji-won also dominate

Jang Ye-chan (25) of Yongin Special City Hall won the men’s general division at the 2023 SBS National Kendo King Championship.

Jang Ye-chan, who has been unemployed for three years under the guidance of coach Lee In-hee, won the first gold medal of the season by defeating Park Hyo-joon (Incheon Metropolitan City Hall) with a head strike in the men’s general division final on the last day of the competition held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 24th. After winning the 3rd division of the 26th Spring National Unemployment Kendo Competition in April of last year, he showed off his top skills in 10 months. 메이저사이트

Previously, Jang Ye-chan defeated Song Gyeong-han (Chungnam Sports Association) with a wrist strike in overtime to pass the preliminary round, and in the round of 32, Jang Ye-chan won a 2-1 victory over Lee Young-wook (Dalseo-gu Office, Daegu) with a successful head and wrist strike technique.

Jang Ye-chan, who won an overtime foul against Kim Kwan-soo (Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall) in the round of 16, defeated Choi Yong-bin (Cheongju City Hall) in the quarterfinals and Lee Hae-sol (Muan County Office in Jeollanam-do) with wrist strikes at the end of the overtime to advance to the final.

Lee In-hee, head coach of Yongin Special City Hall, said, “(Jang) Ye-chan’s vigilance and concentration in every game, even in close matches, was the driving force behind winning the championship.” I am grateful to the officials of Yongin City for their support,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the elementary school finals, Yoo Jae-in (Pocheon High School) won the championship beating Yoon Chan-hee (Jinseong Kumdo Hall), and in the high school finals, Jang Ji-won (Incheon High School) beat Park Seung-won (Gwangmyeong High School) to win the championship.

In addition, Hong Ji-hyeon (Hwaseong City Hall) in the women’s division allowed a haircut to Heo Yun-yeong (Top Solar) in the final and remained in the runner-up. (Incheon Buwon Middle School) were all defeated in the quarterfinals and tied for 3rd place.

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