Wrestling takes the first step toward becoming a nationally popular sport

“I have to turn around! Take your shoulders off!” “You’re doing great, let’s go a little calmer!” On the 10th, when the canola flowers were in full bloom and spring came, there was a hot scene with sweat and heat in Haenam, Jeollanam-do. Haenam Wooseul Sports Park, Haenam’s sports mecca, is filled with the heat and cheering sounds of teenagers with youthful faces but strong muscles.

This is a place where 24 various sports facilities are concentrated within about 10 minutes, centered on Woosul Stadium with athletics tracks and natural grass fields. Among them, the 1st Herald Business·Korea Herald Cup National Wrestling Competition (hereinafter referred to as Herald Cup) was held at the ‘Wuseul Gymnasium’, the main facility where national matches are held.토스카지노

Hosted and supervised by the Korea Wrestling Association and the Jeollanam-do Wrestling Association, and sponsored by the Herald (Herald Economy, Korea Herald) and Haenam-gun, this tournament was held for 7 days from April 5th to 11th. About 1,000 players and leaders from all over the country, from elementary, middle, and high school wrestling dreamers, as well as college and general divisions, showed off their skills to their heart’s content.

In this competition, which was held after various restrictions on COVID-19 were eased, in particular, Herald Co., Ltd. provided a total of 30 million won in scholarships to the winners of each weight class in the middle and high school divisions. This is the first scholarship awarded to the winners of a student wrestling competition held in Korea.

Kim Yeon-man, secretary-general of the Korean Wrestling Association, said, “This is the first time we have tried a scholarship system through Herald Bae.” It became an opportunity,” he said.

Meanwhile, what stood out in this event was that the players and coaches participating in the event enjoyed the game itself as if it were a festival. At the end of each match, when the winner and the loser clearly decided, it was easy to see scenes where the winner and the loser cheered each other up and hugged each other. In addition, there must have been a sense of pressure in the national competition, but there were players who boldly tried the skills they had practiced and when the skills were successful, not only cheering colleagues cheered, but also raised their hands to show their confidence.

Park Hyeon-seo, the coach of the wrestling team at the Nam-gu Office in Gwangju, who met at the scene, said, “In past wrestling competitions, there were times when the leaders and players spoke harshly or expressed dissatisfaction with the judgment due to an overheated desire to compete.” It was noticeable that the players enjoyed the competition and positively radiated the competitive spirit underlying it.”

Since it is a competition where the winner is decided in one day from the weigh-in to the final, an awards ceremony was held every day, and all the players on the podium were enjoying valuable achievements with medals. The scene where senior leaders representing Korean wrestling gave encouragement by giving medals directly stood out. At the middle and high school awards ceremony held on the 10th, Samsung Life coach Ahn Han-bong, who was the gold medalist in the Greco-Roman 57kg class in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic wrestling, personally presented the awards and encouraged his juniors one by one.

Secretary General Kim Yeon-man said, “Recently, the Wrestling Association has been thinking a lot about various contents targeting the general public, especially to motivate players and improve exercise conditions in order to expand the base.” Thank you for your sympathy and support.”

The actual wrestling association has recently been presenting various events and contents to the public. The official YouTube channel ‘Daerevision TV’ has been opened to deliver various contents such as interviews with players, spectacular wrestling techniques, and exercise methods that players actually enjoy. In this Herald Cup competition, Jin Hyung-kyun, coach of the Korea Mint Corporation’s wrestling team, held the microphone and commented on the live broadcast, conveying the excitement of the arena.

In particular, through ‘Physical 100’, which was recently aired on the OTT platform ‘Netflix’, Jang Eun-sil and Nam Kyung-jin, who have raised awareness, appear, and are expanding their contact with the general public with popular language and eye level. In May, we are also planning a wrestling competition for living sports, including a special event between the Korean national team and the French wrestling team at Ttukseom in the Han River. The reason why the association is engaged in various activities seems to be to expand the base of wrestling, which was focused on momentary interests such as the Olympics as an elite sport in the past.

Cho Hae-sang, president of the Korea Wrestling Association (Chairman of Pour Chicken), said, “We will develop wrestling as a popular sport of the people by breathing more closely with the public in the future as well as the history and records of our glorious seniors.” Through the agreement, the base was expanded, such as designating wrestling band (a life sports event based on wrestling movements) as an autonomous event for this year’s school sports club competition, and IBK Industrial Bank took part in meaningful activities to support youth players. . The 1st Herald Business and Korea Herald Cup National Wrestling Competition also became a meaningful competition for young people, such as scholarship support. In the future, the association will further emphasize that the activation of youth as well as the national team is the future of our wrestling.”

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