Woori Bank, ‘on the verge of winning’, will the magic number be reduced this time?

Can Woori Bank, the women’s professional basketball team, reduce one number from the magic number ‘4’? The key is to reverse the atmosphere of the previous game defeat.

Woori Bank will play the ‘Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball’ home game against Samsung Life Insurance at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium at 7 pm on the 2nd. It is a golden opportunity for Woori Bank, the league leader, to take a step closer to winning the regular league by defeating the third player Samsung Life Insurance.

Woori Bank took Hana One Q on the 26th of last month and made the magic number ‘4’. However, in the game against Shinhan Bank on the 30th, they were defeated by 2 points and could not reduce their numbers.

Not only was the magic number not reduced, but the big problem was that it fell into a two-game losing streak against Shinhan Bank. The part that the losing method was similar was also a bad thing. Woori Bank, which collapsed in the game against Shinhan Bank on the 18th of last month by allowing a large number of runs from the beginning of the game, was defeated by giving a 10-point lead only in the first quarter. In the 4th quarter, it turned around, but it lacked a back feeling. 먹튀검증

Woori Bank manager Sung-Woo Lee openly raised his voice, saying, “I’m worried that losing like this will become a habit.” Coach Wi cited the mental strength of the players as the reason for the similar pattern of teams collapsing. He said, “Since I think there is a ride, the players seem to have loosened up a bit. It’s okay if you’re confident, but I think you’re becoming arrogant.” The prolonged sluggishness of Park Hye-jin, the main scorer and ace, is also a factor of concern for Woori Bank.

This is why we must win the match against Samsung Life Insurance. It would be icing on the cake if Park Hye-jin leads the way in overpowering the opponent from the first quarter and secures a victory. You can eliminate all concerns and concerns and reduce the magic number. It is also expected to be an opportunity to increase concentration by catching a top-tier team called Samsung Life Insurance in third place.

The recent record is also on the side of Woori Bank. Except for the November game, which was the first match against Samsung Life Insurance, they are making good use of three consecutive wins. The fact that Samsung Life recently lost 5 games in a row is also encouraging for the home team.

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