‘What’s the point of having Scherzer and Verlander?’ Mets owner Cohen’s patience is wearing thin…he’s spent nearly $500 million this year, and the team has underperformed

The rich New York Mets spent $258 million to sign pitcher Max Scherzer and others ahead of the 2022 season. They won 101 games. But they failed to win the World Series.

So the Mets invested even more aggressively this season.

They signed closer Edwin Diaz (five years, $120 million), starting pitcher Justin Verlander (two years, $86.66 million), left-hander Jose Quintana (two years, $26 million), outfielder Brandon Nemo (eight years, $162 million), and Japanese pitcher Senga Godai (five years, $75 million).

But the team is 31-35 as of Dec. 12, less than a fifth of the way to a winning percentage. They are already 9.5 games behind the first-place Atlanta Braves in the National League East.

That’s not enough to win the division, let alone a wild card.

The team is spending a lot of money to try to win the World Series, but it’s basically pouring poison into a bottle.

Owner Steve Cohen is reportedly furious.

According to MLBTR, “Cohen is frustrated with the lackluster performance, but hasn’t shown it outwardly.”

He’s frustrated that the team hasn’t been able to capitalize on the one-two punch they had with Scherzer by acquiring Gustavo Verlander. Verlander was a late bloomer due to injury. Unlike last season, he’s struggling with a 4.85 ERA. Scherzer has a 3.71 ERA, which isn’t the same as last season, as he’s had a messy season that included a suspension for using a banned substance.토토사이트

That doesn’t mean you can’t fire a manager in the middle of the season. There isn’t a viable replacement.

The Mets, as always, will likely look to bolster their lineup with trades this year.

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