What record will be written in the new season?→’Kershaw-Wainwright 200 Wins’

What are the main records that will be newly written in the upcoming 2023 season? Two 200-win pitchers and two 2,000-hit hitters are expected.

The major leagues will start spring training from the middle of this month and start demonstration games at the end of this month. The opening day of the regular season is March 31 (Korean time).

The first major record to be written is Clayton Kershaw’s (35, LA Dodgers) personal career 200 wins. Kershaw has 197 victories until last year, and is ranked fourth in his career.

Kershaw has excellent skills to record an average ERA of 2.28 in 22 games last year as well. He only needs to be careful of injuries. He may reach 200 wins in April.

Also, Adam Wainwright (41), who is closely following Kershaw, is also aiming for 200 wins. Since he recorded 195 career wins until last year, he only needs to add 5 wins.

Wainwright maintains excellent skills even at an advanced age. He looks set to be able to retire after reaching 200 wins without much difficulty. 메이저놀이터

For the most hits, as many as four batters are on the verge of reaching 2,000 hits. Elvis Anders (35), Andrew McCutchen (36), Jose Altuve (33), Freddie Freeman (34).

Among them, Anders has the most hits in 1997, but he has yet to find a team. McCutchen followed with 1948, Altuve with 1935, and Freeman with 1903.

So if Anders finds a new team, all four players could hit the 2000 hit mark. Also, Evan Longoria, who had 1,883 hits, is also capable of 2,000 hits.

It seems that the record will also come out in the save category. Craig Kimbrel (35) and Kenley Jansen (36), who are first and second in active play, can achieve 400 saves side by side.

In addition, if Jack Greinke (40), who has reached the age of injustice, recovers only to the level of 2019, the third active pitcher with 3,000 strikeouts can be born. 128 left to strike out 3,000.

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