What Asan Samsung gained from the Jeju Island field training, ‘stickiness’ and ‘trust’

Asan Samsung came back with a lot of persistence and trust from the Jeju Island field training.

Asan Samsung (Director Jang Do-Hwan, Coach Hyo-Jin Heo) finished training in Jeju Island ahead of the 2023 season. It was the first attempt among Asan basketball clubs. It was not easy to prepare for the field training, make the final decision, and digest the schedule, but various achievements were obtained.

Asan Samsung’s Jeju Island field training began with the Seoul club team’s attempt. Coach Heo Hyo-jin said, “Many Seoul teams left for Jeju Island off-campus training. He left Jeju Island for field training,” he said.

“A lot of players from various sports such as baseball and soccer, as well as basketball, go to Jeju Island for field training. Jeju Island is warm and has good gyms and other sports facilities. Jeju Island also hosts many basketball tournaments. Asian teams are also invited to exchange events. I’m doing it. I was active before the corona,” he added. 카지노사이트

Asan Samsung put the focus of Jeju Island’s field training on experience. It was considered a process of identifying the pros and cons of field training and preparing for the next field training. Coach Heo Hyo-jin said, “Since this is our first off-campus training in Jeju Island, we focused on experience. We checked the pros and cons of off-site training and tried to prepare for the next off-site training. It was our first off-campus training, but we had a good experience. Our off-campus training is usually off-site training. It was a little different. Usually, we choose field training to train. We made a schedule for practice games and pleasant memories for the players. We tried to create pleasant memories for the young players. The proportion of practice games and sightseeing was about half. “he explained.

After that, “The players who left the training camp were 4th graders in elementary school. The young players really liked the training camp. It was a good experience. The players got closer and the atmosphere became more friendly. It was disappointing. It’s not good to exercise right after waking up. I hoped to go sightseeing in the morning and play a practice game in the afternoon. It wasn’t easy with the schedule. I will improve during the next training session. In the morning, I will train on the track or sand, or digest the tour schedule. And I’m thinking about the direction of having a practice game in the afternoon.”

Lastly, he expressed his satisfaction, saying, “Parents have also become closer. Trust with the coaching staff has also grown a little stronger. Players have grown as a team by relying on each other. We have developed into a family-like relationship.”

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