Was breaking up with Dixon Machado the right decision?

A little over a year has passed. So it’s the end of the 2021 season. A fire broke out out of nowhere. The flash point is resignation. There was a hot debate over the renewal of foreign player contracts. ‘You have to change’ VS ‘Don’t talk nonsense’. This is the story of Dixon Machado, who kept the Giants shortstop position.

In fact, the replacement theory was unexpected. This is because he was a player with great fan support. Still, the reason was clear. It was a concern about the lineup. There was an empty spot in the outfield. It is a void created by the absence of Son Ah-seop and Min Byung-hun. We had to strengthen our attack power. Coincidentally, Machado, the batter, was not the same as in the first year. He shrank to a tick-tock level.

On the other hand, the opposition was still strong. It is argued that when Sajik had such a shortstop. Don’t even think about him not scoring a point, blocking a point is the same. It was such a calculation. Besides, there is a crucial reason. The question is whether there is an alternative. The reality is that there are no resources available to replace them right away.

The tense contest continued for over a month. In the end, a difficult decision was made. in November of that year. The official appeared. The contract renewal was canceled. Mr. Sajik Ma, who once expressed his intention to naturalize, had to leave lonely. “I am grateful to the Lotte club and fans for helping me have an amazing experience over the past two years. I want to say thank you and love you to my colleagues who made me feel like home. I will miss the relationship.” (Dixon Machado SNS)

It’s all past. What should I do if I have to look back? It’s just noisy inside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ignore it. Pretending you don’t know doesn’t mean nothing happens. The past is a mirror. illuminate the present and future You have to look and look. What went well must go on. We must reflect on our mistakes and not repeat them. that’s the intention

First of all, the backlash against the breakup with Machado was great. However, after a couple of months, a reversal occurs. A trade was made with the Lions. He obtained Lee Hak Joo. He is an infielder who was once called a genius. It wasn’t a big expectation, but it was said that it was okay as a substitute. 메이저놀이터

But it was a mistake. His void has not been filled. He pitched 616 innings, but was below standard. Park Seung-wook (419.2 innings) is no different. The gap with his predecessor was too great. All of them had less than zero WAR (contribution to victory over substitute players) (Lee Hak-joo -0.18, Park Seung-wook -0.03). The center of the infield weakened and power was shaken. It was one of the reasons for the failure of last season.

It’s like everyone knows. It’s the Giants’ long-standing aspiration. That means having a good shortstop. Well, it’s okay if it’s not Lee Jong-beom or Park Jin-man. If it’s just above average, it’s a good thing. Such a wait is several decades. Maybe that’s why I was more attached to him. So far, 40 years of WAR. Coincidentally, 2 years of Machado is at the top. Similar numbers are Jeong Gu-seon, Han Young-jun, and Jeong Hak-soo. He has to go back over 30 years.

Of course, there was an ambitious reinforcement work. He spent a huge amount of money to recruit Noh Jin-hyeok. “I will take responsibility for that position,” he said confidently. Lee Hak-joo is also desperate. I chose part of my annual salary as an option. A decent foreign hitter also joined. After trial and error, he recruited Jack Rex.

it was a few days ago Sad news came. It is the announcement of the young shortstop’s retirement. Bae Seong-geun left an impressive story.

“Being a shortstop at Lotte was a dream and pride. For the past 19 years, from the 3rd grade of elementary school until now, I have worked harder than anyone else to achieve this dream, and it seems that I have put a lot of effort and time into it. Unlike my heart, the results did not follow my heart, and I had a difficult 2022 season. He tried to find another breakthrough by turning into a pitcher, but he felt that it was meaningless unless he was a shortstop.” (Bae Seong-geun SNS)

I am in my late 20s. Besides, she is a sweet newlywed. Still, a tough decision had to be made. Sajik Stadium, the old pain of that place is conveyed.

Was the breakup with Dixon Machado the right decision? At least at this point, there is no excuse. It just wasn’t good timing. But history is like a flowing river. Still in progress. I don’t know what else will happen this season. Sajik’s shortstop position is often called the grave. But even there, there will be a day when flowers will bloom.

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