‘Unfortunate come-from-behind defeat’ coach Kim Do-wan “I’m sorry to the players”

Hana 1 Q did relatively well against Woori Bank, but suffered a reverse defeat. 

Bucheon Hanawon Q lost 61-74 in the match against Asan Woori Bank Woori WON in the 4th round of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 26th.

Hana 1 Q took the lead until the middle of the second quarter and performed well against the leading Woori Bank, but was defeated by the veterans’ skillfulness. Ace Shin Ji-hyun, who scored 22 points, could not prevent the team from losing.

Manager Kim Do-wan said, “I worked hard, but there was a limit. When Shin Ji-hyun’s attack was blocked, I should have been able to solve it, but I was lacking. I think the defense I prepared was still good. However, it was great that I was pushed back in the rebound fight and gave a lot of attack opportunities. Dan-bi Kim The shot goes so well, there is no way to stop it.”

Coach Kim expressed his apologies for not being able to help the players easily score goals with a good pattern.

Manager Kim said, “I couldn’t create a situation where I could score in a good pattern when the players were tired. I’m sorry to the players. The players’ attitude to basketball has improved a lot. If it collapsed quickly in the past, but these days is going to the middle of the 4th quarter. I think I need more experience in finishing ability or mind control. I have to help more.” 먹튀검증

Coach Kim revealed that he wants ace Shin Ji-hyun to play with less pressure than now.

Coach Kim said, “The team lacks the ability to finish the clutch. (Shin) Ji-hyun seems to be under a lot of pressure. There are parts that are not satisfied with the current position and situation of our team, so there is pressure to do it myself. My body was getting stronger, so I put it down earlier and told me to do it comfortably. I hope you can do it comfortably.”

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