Tuesday 109 pitches, 7 innings…Sunday 120 pitches, 8 innings…114th pitch was a 155, the monster Bauer stops his 3-game winning streak after 6 straight QS plus.

The stamina of a monster.

Yokohama BayStars right-hander Trevor Bauer (32) is stopped short of 10 wins. On Tuesday, he started against the Hanshin Tigers at Yokohama Stadium and pitched eight innings of two-run ball, getting no help from the bats. He left the mound with an 0-2 deficit, and Yokohama was left with a 0-2 shutout. Bauer, who threw 120 pitches against 33 batters, gave up nine hits and struck out six.

Bauer, who had won three straight, took the loss. Hanshin starter Masashi Ito tossed nine innings of six-hit shutout ball.

Scary durability and endurance. Unlike his Japanese counterparts, Bauer is pitching every five to six days. He made his second start of the week on April 15 against the Yakult Swallows, throwing 109 pitches in seven innings. In the first game of the week, he allowed three runs on eight hits and picked up the win.

He had thrown more than 100 pitches in each of his last six games, including a quality start-plus (seven-plus innings pitched, three earned runs or fewer) against Hanshin on April 20.

He retired the first three batters he faced. He got Koji Chikamoto to ground out to first, Takumu Nakano to ground out to second, and Shota Morishita to foul out to third. He hit all three with 150-152 mph fastballs.

Back-to-back singles in the top of the second put him in trouble. He gave up a single to Sheldon Neuheis (5) and a double to Teruaki Sato (6). First and second and third.

He then induced No. 7 Seishiro Sakamoto to ground out to third to get Noyce at third. Just when he thought he had a chance to breathe, No. 8 Seiya Kinami singled to right with runners on second and third.

In the top of the third, I got out of a jam. He walked No. 2 Nakano and hit No. 4 Oyama with a single to right. To Nakano, he threw four 151-153 mph fastballs that just missed the strike zone. Against Oyama, he used only his changeup. A three-pitch slider led to a hit. With runners on first and second, he got No. 5 on a one-out foul fly.

In the top of the fourth, he got out of a jam. After leading off with a single to center, a sacrifice and infield grounder put runners on second and third. Ito, the No. 9 pitcher, gave up a single to right. The 1B hit a 154 mph fastball to the middle of the strike zone for a single to right.

After getting the first two outs of the fifth inning on infield grounders, he gave up a single to Oyama in the fourth. He then struck out Noyce on a swinging strikeout to end the inning. He retired the next three batters in order in the top of the sixth with two strikeouts.

After throwing 97 pitches through six innings, Bauer took the mound in the seventh. The leadoff batter got another hit off Ito, the No. 9 pitcher. A low, 153-kilometer-per-hour fastball was lined to left field. He then threw a slider to No. 3 Morishita at second base for a swinging strike. 110 pitches.카지노사이트

Bauer took the mound again in the eighth. After striking out Sato on a knuckleball with two outs, Bauer threw his hands in the air, roared and stomped to the dugout.

Notice that he gave up two hits to the opposing starter, Ito. Prior to this game, Ito was 1-for-3 (3-for-29).

Bauer had two hits off Hiroki Dokoda on July 17 against the Hiroshima Carp. In his two plate appearances, Tokoda scored both times. Bauer took the loss despite pitching seven innings of two-run ball.

“I’m aiming for 15 or more wins and the Sawamura Award,” Bauer said in an interview after his nine-win performance against Yakult on April 15.

“If I keep up the pace I’m on, I’ll be able to achieve my goals,” he said.

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