‘Train to Malaysia’ Ko Kwang-min, a tearful farewell… Osmar also cried 

“Kwang-min Ko cried a lot.”

An official from FC Seoul met with reporters on the 15th at the Kokubu Stadium in Kirishima, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, the second winter training ground, and brought up the story of ‘one-club man defender’ Ko Kwang-min (35), who packed his bags the day before to advance to the Malaysian league.

After entering Kagoshima on the 6th and sweating, the Seoul team had their first rest day the day before. In the evening, we had an eel dinner, and unexpectedly, Ko Kwang-min said goodbye.

Last month, he played a big role in a match against club Sabah FA, which is related to Konakinabalu, Malaysia, where he met as an opponent for the evaluation match in Thailand, which was the first field training site. Park Tae-soo, a defender from the K-League, is playing for Sabaen. Ko Kwang-min received the eye stamp of Sabah coaching staff at the time, and Park Tae-soo served as a link by obtaining his contact information. In fact, at the beginning of this month, Sabah club offered Ko Kwang-min a two-year contract. 메이저놀이터

Kwang-Min Ko chose to experience overseas in his twilight years as a player after agonizing over and over again. Initially, coach Ahn opposed the transfer of Ko Gwang-min, who was in the best condition among fullback agents throughout the winter training, but decided to support his dream after looking back at his experience during his active career. Coach Ahn said, “I remembered playing in Pohang in 1997. (Training period) He had an evaluation match with Kashima Antlers in the Japanese J-League. However, it has been canceled due to opposition from the top of the club,” he said. “It is time for Kwang-min to think about the future. He thought finishing in Seoul was a good picture, but it was also a good opportunity to go abroad with his family to try out his career as an athlete, learn English, and prepare for the future.”

And at the dinner party, director Ahn said, “Kwang-min leaves tomorrow.” Goh Kwang-min, who wanted to retire as a ‘steamed one club man’ in Seoul, shed tears ahead of his last greeting in front of his colleagues, as if he had suffered a lot in the meantime. A Seoul official said, “I cried so much that it was difficult to speak properly.” Several players with whom he had shared joys and sorrows in Seoul also had tears in their eyes, and it is said that Kwang-min Ko and foreign defender Osmar (Spain), who are the same age as him, also cried. He is the longest-serving foreign player in Seoul. He joined in 2014 and has been active as a Seoul man all the way except for the 2018 loan life at Cerezo Osaka (Japan). In 2016, he became the first foreign captain in club history and led the league championship. He, too, was moved to tears when Ko Kwang-min, who had eaten a pot of rice for a long time, left a tearful farewell.

Immediately after the dinner, Kwang-Min Ko packed up his belongings and moved to Fukuoka to spend the night. And he boarded a flight to Seoul on the 15th. He scored 5 goals and 13 assists in 188 K-League games in Seoul. The Malaysian Super League, which he takes on a new challenge, will open on the 25th like K League 1. Sabah plays a home game against PDRM, and as Kwang-Min Ko has built up his body in Seoul, he may make his debut match.

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