‘Tottenham resignation’ Paratici’s last legacy…the second Pochettino

Director Fabio Paratici has drawn up a solid list of new managers upon leaving Tottenham.

Tottenham said on the club website on the 21st (Korean time), “Director Paratici has failed to appeal the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) ban for certain soccer-related activities. As a result, Paratici has decided to leave the club immediately to focus on his legal position in relation to the FIGC and FIFA rulings.” was officially announced.

Paratić carried on his duties at Tottenham even after being punished by the FIGC for book manipulation allegedly committed while at Juventus. This is because the FIGC discipline was applied only inside Italy. As this punishment was expanded all over the world due to FIFA, all soccer-related work became impossible. Both sides chose to break up because they couldn’t keep a person who couldn’t perform their duties at the club.토토사이트

Still, Paratici’s legacy remains. After Antonio Conte’s parting ways with Tottenham, general manager Paratici has continued to take charge of the official appointment process. Paratici quickly put together a list of potential coaches and was negotiating. As a result, he formed a good rapport with coach Arne Slot Feyenoord.

On the 21st, England’s ‘Independent’ said, “Director Slot is being considered as the top candidate for the Tottenham manager. Tottenham has had many conversations in unknown places. Coach Slot is evaluated as the most suitable person for the profile the club wants.” Reported.

Slott has a style similar to that of Mauricio Pochettino, who worked well with Levy. He has a knack for rebuilding teams on a tight budget and is open to recruiting young talent. They also have one thing in common in that they play aggressive football.

Slott is leading Feyenoord to the top of the Dutch Eredivisie this season. Last season, they were runners-up in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa Conference League (UECL), and this season, they showed their strength to rise to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League.

It seems that Levy wants a slot coach who can run the team from a long-term perspective, like Jose Mourinho and Conte, who can bring victory in the short term, and Pochettino after successive failures. If coach Slot is appointed, the strength of Paratici, who has built up a rapport with him early on, will be a decisive factor.

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