“Too many changes, it was poison” Doosan Guardian → Lotte Man, “Thank you for your love for 10 years, I will support Doosan”

 Advancing to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years and winning the Korean Series 3 times.

Since 2015, the Doosan Bears bullpen, which enjoyed the ‘dynasty days’, had right-hander Yoon Myeong-jun (34). When needed, he was a bullpen guardian who always came to the mound. He served as a driving force for victory by digesting around 60 innings in 60 games every season.

A shoulder dedicated for the glory of Doosan. From 2020, the decline began gradually. He stopped in 40 games for two consecutive years, and last year, he only played 20 games and 22⅓ innings. The average ERA also soared to 8.46. The poorest performance since his debut.

Last fall, when I was dreaming of resurrection, I had to face an unexpected sad news. It was a release notice.

Yoon Myung-jun, who recently appeared on a baseball YouTube channel, conveyed his thoughts and determination. He talked about the situation at the time, “I didn’t realize it. It was so sudden that I was notified that there would be another opportunity for about a year.” 스포츠토토

But he had no time to be sad. It was because he was still young enough to give up baseball and had something to show.

He said, “I started training earlier than in other years because I had to look for another team.” It was rewarding. The Lotte Giants, dreaming of a leap forward, reached out. Along with veteran Kim Sang-soo, Yoon Myung-jun was recruited to strengthen the bullpen.

Yoon Myung-Jun is aiming for a rebound. He found his latest failure in himself.

He reflected, “As the trend of decline came, I tried to change too many things out of a shrinking mind. It seems that the change had a rather negative effect.” If you know the cause, you can prescribe. That’s because he is a veteran pitcher who has gone through all kinds of prenatal battles. Legendary coach Bae Young-soo, who had been with Doosan, is also expected to be of great help when he moved to Lotte together.

It was regrettable, but I am only grateful for the Doosan Bears, who were with me in their heyday.

Without a chance to properly greet Doosan fans, he said, “Doosan fans, I have been happy for a long time, and thank you for supporting and loving me for 10 years. I will continue to play baseball, so I will support the Doosan Bears. Please do it,” he begged.

To the new team Lotte fans, he expressed his determination and anticipation for the new team, saying, “Lotte is number one in terms of passion.

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