‘Three years of perseverance from a promising catcher to a pitcher and even a change of name’ Lotte Giants Na Gyun-an, impressed with the first monthly MVP award in his life

Lotte Giants Na Kyun-an was selected as the monthly MVP for April, showing off the most outstanding performance in the league for the month of April.

Na Kyun-an’s monthly MVP award is a great impression because she did not give up until the end despite various adversity and sweat on the ground.

Na Kyun-an debuted in the KBO League in 2017 with expectations as a promising catcher, but failed to shine as a hitter and began transforming into a pitcher in the Futures League in 2020. Around that time, he changed his name from Na Jong-deok to Na Kyun-an and continued to challenge his career.

Kyun-an Na resigned on May 5, 2021, left the familiar catcher position and climbed the mound as a pitcher in the KBO League for the first time. He started his pitching career in the 2021 season by appearing in a total of 23 games (7 starts) and recording a record of 1 win, 2 losses, and an earned run average of 6.41. In the 2022 season, he pitched in 39 games (13 starts), more than the previous season, recording 3 wins and 8 losses with an average ERA of 3.98, raising expectations with his improved appearance. In the 2023 season, which marked the 3rd year of pitching conversion, he joined the starting rotation with his start, showed growth as a top-class pitcher in the KBO League, and won the first monthly MVP in his life.토토사이트

It would have been impossible for Lotte to rise to the top spot alone in April without Na Kyun-an’s performance. He not only recorded 4 wins in 5 games (tied for first place) and an earned run average of 1.34 (fourth place), but also played an average of 6 innings with 33 2/3 innings, fulfilling his role as a starting pitcher. In addition, in the game where Na Kyun-an started, Lotte recorded a total of 5 wins and became a ‘symbol of luck’ that led to the team’s victory.

Na Kyun-ahn received a total score of 38.62 with 11 out of 29 (37.9%) votes from the reporters and 154,139 (39.3%) out of 392,071 votes from the fans. He narrowly beat NC Pedi, who received a total score of 35.45, and won the first individual monthly MVP award.

Kyun-an Na, who was selected as the MVP in April, will receive a prize money of 2 million won and a donation of 2 million won in the name of Kyun-an Na, a middle school student from Changwon Shinwol Middle School, sponsored by Shinhan Bank.

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