This year, professional baseball is getting faster… KBO “Average goal of 3 hours and 5 minutes”

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) applies a new ‘speed-up’ rule to reduce game time for the 2023 season (opening on April 1).

The KBO announced on the 8th, “We are strengthening the speed-up regulations with the goal of presenting more fun and friendly games to fans through faster game progress.” Last year, the KBO reduced the average game time (based on 9 innings) to 3 hours and 11 minutes, 3 minutes faster than in 2021, by normalizing the strike zone and strengthening speed-up regulations. Walks per game decreased from 8.38 to 6.90. The KBO aims to reduce average game time to 3 hours and 5 minutes by applying enhanced speed-up rules for the upcoming season.

The KBO decided to reduce the amount of time the manager and coach visit the mound this season. Last year, the time to visit the mound was limited to 30 seconds, but this year, the rule was changed so that the manager or coach must return to the dugout after 25 seconds so that play can begin immediately after 30 seconds have elapsed. In addition, a rule was added that the catcher must complete the preparation for the catch when 30 seconds have elapsed.

In addition, if the pitcher does not pitch within 12 seconds when there is no runner, the first warning, a fine of 200,000 won from the second time, and the rule that it is judged as a ball, is limited to Futures League (second team) games. changed to content. KBO said, “This rule will be piloted in the Futures League this year and the application of the first team league next season will be reviewed.”

The KBO has decided to apply the hitter’s ‘at-bat break limit rule’ more strictly. It is a rule that imposes a fine of 200,000 won in case of violation by keeping at least one foot in the at-bat from the moment the batter enters the plate, and this is to be applied more calmly. The umpire will thoroughly check whether the batter has escaped, except in the case of an unavoidable escape. In addition, items such as ‘application of strict speed-up regulations’, ‘active encouragement of speed-up’, and ‘prompt contribution to the game with smooth progress’ are added to the evaluation of the referees to induce shortening of the game time. 바카라사이트

The KBO also established measures to strengthen fairness in the game. Players are prohibited from having private conversations with opposing players on the ground during cleaning time (after the fifth inning). Athletes and team executives and staff members are prohibited from entering the referee’s room and having personal contact with the referee.

The KBO said, “We plan to do our best to continuously reduce game time by researching and reviewing the application of new regulations that allow speed-ups.” will be notified,” he said.

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