The world’s richest soccer player’s wealth of 25 trillion won ↔ The 423 trillion won man Utd purchaser who laughs at ‘Penny money’

 The sale of Manchester United in the English Premier League is on the verge. It is expected to find a new owner after receiving a bid proposal by the 17th.

When the sale of Man Utd is on the right track, there is a person who is talking about it again. When the Glazers made the sale of Maeil official in November last year, the British media then took notice of 25-year-old Pike Bolkiah.

He is an incumbent footballer playing in the Thai League and is known as the richest footballer in the world. His fortune is about 20 billion dollars, or about 25 trillion won. He is the nephew of King Bolkiah, the Sultan of Bornai.

After joining Southampton’s academy in 2009 at the age of 11, Pike pursued his dream of becoming a footballer, training at Reading.

And he dreamed of becoming a Premier League player by joining Chelsea’s youth team, but joined Leicester City after two years. He now plays for Chonburi FC in the Thai 1st division through Portugal.

Currently, the Glazer family wants 6 billion pounds (approximately 9.18 trillion won) in proceeds from the sale of Maeyu. However, realistically, the sale is expected to be carried out at an amount between £4.1 billion (6.274 trillion won) and 4.5 billion pounds (about 6.88 trillion won). This is because the new construction cost of Old Trafford, the home stadium, is required. 카지노사이트

The British Daily Star analyzed at the time that Bolkiah’s money was enough to buy Manchester United twice.

However, it is said that the assets that run the Qatar Sports Investment Company (QSI), which bid for the public sale of Manchester United, are dozens of times greater than Bolkiah’s assets.

In particular, it is said that the assets of one of the people who invested in the investment company are $ 335 billion. It is about 423.6 trillion won. About 16 times more than Bolkiah.

The man with such funds is none other than Qatar’s King, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. Bolkiah’s wealth is only a mere ‘penny’ compared to Seik’s.

With so much money, the press is predicting that QSI is very likely to become Manchester United’s new owner.

Of course, he has to contend with England’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who dreams of taking over Manchester United. Coincidentally, Sir Ratcliffe says he has a personal crush on Shake. Besides, he has been a die-hard Manchester United fan ever since he was young. He has publicly expressed his willingness to buy.

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