The story of SSG Heredia receiving red baseball boots as a gift from Choo Shin-soo

“Thank you so much Shinsoo Choo.”

A smile bloomed on the face of Guillermo Heredia (32), a foreign hitter from SSG. It was because of the red baseball boots he received from his teammate Choo Shin-soo (41).

Ahead of the opening of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League, Heredia was worried about the baseball shoes to use for the new season. Immediately after signing with SSG, Heredia asked for advice from colleagues who experienced the KBO League, and at the time, there was a lot of advice saying, “The KBO League is a league where agility is more important than strength.”토토사이트

After joining the team’s spring camp in February, Heredia took notice of his new teammates’ baseball boots. The baseball boots used by SSG colleagues were lightweight. However, the problem is that most of the baseball shoes of his colleagues were unfamiliar Asian brands. Heredia was burdened with using an unfamiliar brand.

Around the time when Heredia’s worries piled up ahead of the opening, Choo Shin-soo also received the concerns of a foreign colleague. Choo Shin-soo visited Heredia and said, “Among the baseball boots I have, there is a Nike brand you are familiar with. These shoes are also light. I will give it to you in Incheon,” he said. And on the day of the opening game on the 1st, Choo Shin-soo presented Heredia with three pairs of baseball boots. Heredia said “Thank you so much” and greeted him.

In fact, Choo Shin-soo secretly helped foreign players as well as Heredia adapt from last spring camp. Choo Shin-soo left Korea baseball after graduating from high school in 2001 and lived in the United States for about 20 years. Choo Shin-soo, who can communicate in English due to his long life in the United States, has been taking care of thrifty foreign players since wearing the SSG uniform in 2021. Same this year. He set up a separate dining table with foreign players who had to adjust to an unfamiliar culture more than two or three times, and especially during batting training of Heredia, a member of the beast group, he blew the flag next to him. Heredia is from Cuba, but after escaping Cuba in 2015, he lived in the major leagues of American professional baseball from 2016 to last year, and he speaks English fluently.

Heredia said, “I was impressed by Choo Shin-soo’s consideration. Above all, I think the new baseball boots are light and pretty. He hasn’t worn them in the game yet, but since the color is red, I think he can wear them in away games,” he said with a bright smile.

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