The shortstop that Bogatz took, if you saw the record, Kim Ha-seong is the ‘correct answer’

It was pushed back by the value of the name and the size of the contract. However, the record did not lie about the defense of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres).

Kim Ha-seong, who will play as the national shortstop in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), does not play as the starting shortstop in San Diego. This is because all-star shortstop Xander Bogatz signed an 11-year, $280 million (360 billion won) contract, pushing Kim Ha-seong out.

If you look at the value of the name, it makes sense. Bogarts is a veteran who debuted in 2013 and played 1264 games in 10 seasons in the Major League (MLB). Among them, he played 1192 games as a shortstop, and also played DP in the All-Star Game 4 times. The San Diego team is expected to send Kim Ha-seong, who was pushed back by Bogarts, to the second baseman this season.

However, if you look only at objective indicators, the two should change places. Tom Tango, who is called the godfather of American sabermetrics, said on the 18th (Korean time) through his personal social network (SNS) account ‘Tango Tiger’ that “Bogatz had the best season defensively in 2022.” This season, Bogaerts had a +5 OAA (outs created versus average measured based on batting data).

If you look at the specific records, the fit of the position changes. Baseball Savant, which provides OAA, evaluates defensive performance based not only on the starting position but also on the actual defensive position. In the Major League (MLB), where defensive shifts are unconventional, situations where the starting position and the actual defensive position are different often occur. “Bogarts gets a lot better every season when he’s on the right side of the infield,” Tango explained. “He did that in 2022. He did it before 2021, even in 2016 (the first year we provide batted ball data),” Tango explained. 토토사이트

According to Tango’s account, Bogarts had a +5 OAA at shortstop combined, but a -1 OAA at shortstop. He was a below-average shortstop. Instead, he had an OAA +5 when fielding at the second base position, and an OAA +1 at the third base position as well. Tango also said that when he expanded his range beyond 2020, Bogarts had an OAA of -12 at shortstop and +5 at second base. Even if you look for career results since 2016, the difference is large with OAA -41 at the shortstop position and +7 at the second base position. This means that the outfit that suited Bogarts, an all-star shortstop, was actually a second baseman.

Unlike Bogatz, the best suit for Kim Ha-seong was a shortstop. Kim Ha-seong has recorded +8 OAA at shortstop and +2 at second base over the past two seasons. As he played shortstop in the KBO league for a long time, he showed the best defensive efficiency when he was at shortstop. Judging by the record alone, shortstop Kim Ha-seong and second baseman Bogatz are a combination that can minimize the number of runs.

Starting in the 2023 season, MLB will ban extreme defensive shifts. Infielders cannot cross over to the other side of second base. ‘Shortstop’ Bogatz also has to keep only the unstable shortstop position, not the most stable ‘right infield’. 

The record is not likely to change the position. Since Bogatz feels proud of his position as shortstop, he is likely to defend shortstop. Even Kim Ha-seong, who was a finalist for the shortstop Gold Glove last year, cannot shake Bogarts’ position. However, it is Kim Ha-seong, who broke through fierce competition and played as the starting pitcher last year. As long as he maintains his strengths, his chances can come back anytime.

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