The Red Devil angry at the match-fixing amnesty… “If it is not withdrawn, A match-league boycott”

Controversy over the football association’s decision to amnesty spreads
and does not accept opinions opposed to the professional league,
“decision for grand integration”… revisit today
Criticism is growing over the Korea Football Association’s pardon for players who were expelled for match-fixing. The national football team supporters ‘Red Devils’ announced their position that they would boycott the future A-match (national competition) unless the pardon was withdrawn. The Korea Professional Football Federation also expressed concern about the pardon decision and said, “The federation has no plans to pardon.” As the criticism intensified, the Football Association decided to discuss the pardon again on the 31st. 토토사이트

On the 29th, the ‘Red Devil’ said through social network service (SNS), “match fixing is the worst case that shook the foundation of Korean football. “We strongly oppose the Football Association’s amnesty plan and demand a complete withdrawal,” he said. He reprimanded the person who proposed the amnesty and demanded an apology to soccer fans and the public.

The Korea Football Association held a board of directors meeting on the 28th and decided to pardon 100 players, coaches, and referees who were disciplined for various misconduct (suspension, disqualification, expulsion, etc.). name was included. The Football Association said, “We reflected the opinions of the frontline field who congratulated themselves on advancing to the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup last year and proposed an amnesty for harmony and a new start in the soccer world.” There is also the purpose of giving,” he explained the reason for the pardon. Then, among soccer fans, criticism arose, such as ‘the World Cup round of 16 score was used as an excuse for match-fixing criminals’.

The Korea Professional Football Federation is said to have expressed its opposition several times, saying, “It is still premature” before the Korea Football Association board of directors voted on the amnesty. Jo Yeon-sang, secretary-general of the Professional Football Federation, who attended the board meeting on the 28th when the football association voted on the amnesty, said, “I expressed my concerns after explaining the agenda on the day of the board meeting.”

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