The path of bodybuilding that is not lonely because of him: the story of bodybuilder Jeong Tae-min 

Jung Tae-min, who took first place on the bodybuilding debut stage and appeared on the stage with splendor, was the best in Korea, but now he is looking to a higher place and leaves for a professional career in 2023. Ahead of participating in the Muscle Contest Japan, which will be held in Japan from the 18th to the 19th, he embarked on a journey to become a professional with two people who have been with him since he first started his workout. With his girlfriend, whom he promised to marry this year, and his friend and coach, ‘Nutrition Mania’ coach Lee Jun-ho, he was able to walk the lonely path of bodybuilding without being lonely.

With just over a week until the gateway to becoming a pro, has Jung Tae-min, the future of bodybuilding in Korea, been preparing to become a pro? Monster Gym went to Barun Pit located in Oksu-dong to listen to his story. Even though it was not long before the tournament, Jung Tae-min greeted the reporters with a bright face. Regarding the preparation situation, he was preparing for the competition with all his might, smiling and saying, “I have finished almost all preparations, and I think I have prepared the hardest in my life.”

‘Nutrition mania’ coach Lee Jun-ho, who has been with him since his debut in bodybuilding, said, “He is a really sincere and hard-working friend. He is a player who tries to apply what I have taught him in various ways, and the two of them are creating synergy together, so we have reached this place. I think we were able to come together.” However, he was humble. He still felt that his body was lacking and was constantly working out to fill that deficiency.

He did the same even with the competition right around the corner. He said, “I’m not nervous, but I’m a little worried about whether my body will come out well.” Even though his body was in good shape, he was constantly making objective evaluations of himself. Jeong Tae-min, who took a break from work with three weeks left to prepare for the tournament, said, “Currently, I am exercising in the morning and afternoon. I train the back, chest, lower body, and small muscles by repeating exercises for the shoulders and arms. Set a separate day off. I’m resting according to my feelings,” he explained about the preparations for the competition.

He continued, “Since the tournament is not far away, I don’t worry enough that my body doesn’t come out, but I come out well. As I’m obsessed with losing weight like an obsession, even though my weight is not high compared to my height, I feel like my volume is dying, so I thought about it. After doing it, I thought that I tried to do something more even though I was on a diet. So this time, I am preparing with the thought that I will put down my greed more than usual and make 100% through hydration and conditioning.” talked about points.

Ahead of this tournament, Jung Tae-min decided to have a ‘habit of being satisfied with his body’. He said, “In the past, I thought I had to come out with a body that I could be satisfied with before going into hydration or conditioning, so I overworked myself. He explained the change, and added that coach Lee Jun-ho gave him advice about the secret to being able to change.

I was curious not only about exercise but also about diet. What kind of diet is he going on ahead of the competition? He said, ” For five meals, I started with 1.8 kg of rice and then reduced it to 1.5 kg. For two meals, I am eating a fish called Mansaegi, and the rest are chicken breasts.” Mansaegi, a fish, was a bit unfamiliar. He said, “I’m eating it because the cost performance and ingredients are good after searching the site. The taste is similar to white fish, but I think it tastes better than chicken breast.”

Regarding supplements, Jeong Tae-min, who explained, “I don’t eat a lot, but I take boosters for protein, creatine, BCAA, glutamine, and niacin.” Although I have never been satisfied with the results of domestic competitions, I had the idea that IFBB was the last thing I was aiming for, and my thoughts changed a lot when Choi Jae-sang, who was close to me, became a professional. I thought I should try and prepared.”

The people around him who motivate him on his path to becoming a professional, and the people around him, became a lighthouse and illuminated Jeong Tae-min as he walked. He said, “I am asking the people around me, such as Choi Jae-sang and coach Apple, about even trivial things.” Among them, the person who is definitely receiving help is coach Lee Jun-ho. His relationship with him goes back to his military days when he first decided to do bodybuilding. A fateful meeting changed his life, and the two of them are going through rough roads together as best friends, coaches and players.

Regarding coach Lee Jun-ho, Jeong Tae-min said, “When he started working out in the army, he bought books and studied them. So I thought, ‘There are kids like this’, but by the time he was discharged, Jun-ho’s level had risen. I am happy that they are developing in their respective positions.  They are really sharp and strong in coaching. The actual appearance is also similar to that of coaching. I have a strong opinion and conviction. I seem to have a lot of propensity to teach others. .

How do you evaluate coach Lee Jun-ho’s ability? Jeong Tae-min, who benefited from his debut competition, said, “Looking at the other friends who competed in the first tournament, I thought it was all about eating less and exercising more. But friends around Junho told me to do it while eating a lot. I also learned from Junho that I should eat salt. Thanks to Junho, I got a lot of help from quitting. I’m under a lot of stress on the diet part, so I’m anxious even though people around me tell me to eat comfortably. But Junho tells me clearly. I still have a way to improve. I wouldn’t have been able to come this far without Junho.” 메이저사이트

Besides coach Lee Jun-ho, there is one more person he can rely on. The bride-to-be, who is about to get married in August, said, “I’ve met him for about 10 years now, and the secret to my bodybuilding without problems so far is thanks to my girlfriend, and she basically understands me well, and as the years go by, I become less sensitive.” . We fight less than before, and as we get better and better, it seems like we can go without any problems. If it weren’t for my current girlfriend, I’m sure there would be problems, but thanks to my girlfriend, I think I’m able to overcome it.”

With the encouragement of the people around him, Jeong Tae-min is walking the professional path. He said, “I want to show a good image because I go with my girlfriend and coach Junho and my relatives come. There is a part where I wish I had done this at that time, so it is difficult to say that I did well 100%, but I think I did it consistently. I did it and I am still doing it steadily.” He looked back on the path he had walked. Before the competition, he said, “I always thought I prepared without regrets, but after it was over, I took one by one. Now I am doing it without regrets.” 

What does bodybuilding mean to him? He said, “Bodybuilding and life have become one, and getting married or living a life would not have been possible without bodybuilding and I would not have lived as I am now. I’m doing it.” He said without forgetting to thank coach Lee Jun-ho and the bride-to-be. Because of them, the path of bodybuilding that Jung Tae-min walks will not be lonely.

“There were coaches in the past, but I received a lot of help from Junho, so I still have a lot of ways to improve, but I’m sure I couldn’t have reached this level without Junho. There are times, but I’m grateful for giving and giving advice like this without paying. I hope I can help when I grow up.”

“I know that it is difficult to sit next to and protect bodybuilding people, but I am grateful that they watch over me without saying anything, and they tell me that I am who I am today because of my efforts, but in fact, I would not have become this way if I did not have a girlfriend. I’m grateful for that, and I’m grateful and happy that they even agreed to marry me. There will be more difficult things in the future, but let’s work hard and live well together.”

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