The night sky…Director Hong Won-ki “I don’t think I have a relationship with rain.”

“I don’t seem to have a relationship with rain this year.”

It rained hard for Kiwoom against the Gwangju KIA on April 29. The team scored four runs in the first inning. However, heavy rain in the beginning of the second inning eventually led to a no-game. “It’s very unfortunate that we don’t seem to have much luck with the rain this year,” said Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki on the 30th before the game against SSG in Gochuk, but he calmly said, “It was an unavoidable situation.”바카라사이트

Kiwoom’s strong performance continues. Good recent form. With 14 wins, 2 draws, and 8 losses in 24 games in June, the team had the highest winning percentage (0.636) among the 10 clubs in that period. Compared to April (0.458-8th) and May (0.385-8th), the upward curve is even clearer. “I don’t think it matters if we’re fourth or fifth right now. “I don’t like to talk about numbers, but I think it would be good to finish the first half of the year with a winning percentage of more than 5%,” he said, laughing.

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