The golf queen who became more greedy after marriage… Retired at 30? If you’re good, ‘GO’

Even in the yellow dusty wind blowing from the Red Sea, the new bride’s expression was bright. Lydia Ko (25), a Korean New Zealander who married Jeong Jun (25), the son of Hyundai Card Vice Chairman Chung Tae-young, on December 30 last year, played at the Royal Green Golf Course near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on the 16th at the European Women’s Golf Tour (LET) Aramco Saudi Ladies. participate in international Lydia Ko went on her honeymoon last month and she had the good fortune of hitting her hole-in-one at Taraiti Golf Course in New Zealand.

Lydia Ko has won 19 career victories on the LPGA Tour, starting with her first win in 2012 as an amateur. She won three major championships last year, including the final CME Group Tour Championship on the LPGA Tour. She is currently ranked #1 in the women’s golf world rankings.

On the 14th before the tournament, she met Lydia Ko at the Royal Green Golf Course.

Q: This is your first competition after getting married, is there anything that has changed?

A : “It is very meaningful for me to play my first game as a wife. Even before her marriage, her husband encouraged me regardless of whether I was playing well or not. That was a huge boost. So, she thinks she should work even harder after marriage.”

Q: I went through a slump, but after meeting my husband Jung Joon, my grades seem to have improved.

A: “I guess so. Her husband is not golfer Lydia Ko, but someone who likes Ko Bo-kyung, an ordinary person. So he feels comfortable and seems to be doing well.”

Q: Will the participation plans and schedules change from before marriage?

A: “Nothing changes. My husband is busy working, and I have to participate in competitions as well. We decided to respect each other and do our best. We won’t see each other for the next five weeks, but we understand each other in that respect.”

Q: Will you continue to live like this? I used to say I would retire at 30.

A : “If you are not good at it, you should quit before then, but I don’t think you have to keep your promise to retire at 30. First of all, my short-term goals are to go to the 2024 Olympics and get good results and enter the Hall of Fame. Hall of Fame has 2 points left. I will think more about what happens next.” 온라인카지노

Q: Is it not necessary to participate in this tournament held in the Middle East?

A : “I won this competition two years ago. I was supposed to come out last year as the winner, but I couldn’t participate because I caught corona right before the opening. I wanted to keep my promise to come back as a winner. Also, this year, the men’s and women’s prize money has become the same (the prize money for the Saudi International men’s competition held at the same venue is 5 million dollars), so I decided to participate because I thought it was a historic event of gender equality.”

Q: How often do you keep in touch with your husband?

A : “The time difference is reversed here, so we call in the morning and evening. When I was in Korea, it was not easy to call once a day because of the time difference.”

Q: You married into a big family.

A : “My parents-in-law make it really comfortable. It’s just like a normal home. During the BMW Championship held in Korea last year, my parents-in-law came and cheered me on, saying, “Play comfortably.” Two weeks ago, I had a sleepover party with my little sister-in-law, mother-in-law and her husband.  We watched a movie together and ate spring rolls, pork, and soybean paste stew. I really like this family atmosphere.”

Q: Where did you get your newlyweds’ house?

A : “Because of work, I live in Orlando, Florida, USA, and my husband lives in San Francisco, California. My husband travels a lot, and I also have to participate in competitions, so I can’t see him often. Even when we were dating before marriage, there were many times when we met at the golf course.”

Q: Is the preparation for the competition going well?

A : “Last winter, I increased the weight and did weight training. This event will be windy and the rough will be a bit longer, so the players will have a hard time. I’m going to make it a game to have fun and check for the season. It’s the first game of the season, so I’m greedy. I will try to adapt without fighting the wind.”
At the end of the interview, Lydia Ko said, “We are the same age, but my husband keeps appearing in the articles as being two years older. Looks like someone wrote it wrong. Please correct it,” she asked.

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