The fateful day is one day away, and what awaits Day One

The fate of professional basketball player Goyang Deiwon is finally decided. Basketball fans are eagerly awaiting the decision on whether he will be reinstated or banned.

The KBL will hold its 28th Extraordinary General Assembly and Board of Directors at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 7 a.m. on the 16th. There is also the matter of appointing the CEO of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, but the most important thing is about DAYONE.

The organization, which took over the Goyang Orion after the 2021-2022 season, has been plagued by financial difficulties since its inaugural season, including late payments of KBL membership fees and unpaid wages for players and home game management personnel. At its board meeting in late May, the KBL gave the organization an ultimatum to settle its debts, including unpaid wages for players, employees, and officials, by the 15th of this month.

The organization has been looking for a buyer after the 2022-2023 season with local governments in Pohang and Busan, but has made little progress. There seemed to be a ray of light with the signing of a nexus agreement with the city of Busan, and two companies reportedly showed interest in acquiring the organization, but as of the 15th, there has been no progress, and it is also reportedly difficult to liquidate various debts. On the 14th, some players of DAYONE held a press conference at the National Assembly and said, “The KBL should take responsibility and pay salaries using the 1.5 billion won in subscription fees and broadcasting revenue received from DAYONE. If the wage arrears are not resolved by the 15th, we will be recognized as free agents (FAs) by complying with the standard contract items of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.”토토사이트

Article 12 of the KBL’s bylaws states that if a team is deemed incapable of running a club, the general assembly, after deliberation by the board of directors, can expel the team in question with a 75 percent majority vote. “In fact, there is no requirement for Day One to send us anything or do anything by the 15th,” a KBL official told reporters, adding, “At the last board meeting, we said that there should be two prerequisites: resolving the wage arrears and presenting a solution for the future.” “Even if the wage arrears are resolved, it doesn’t mean that the general meeting won’t be held. It’s not easy because we have to look at the future operation plan.”

The meeting will also focus on what to do if Day One loses its membership. There are two scenarios: a nine-team league for the next season, or the KBL and the other nine organizations finding a way to keep the league at 10 teams. However, in the case of a nine-team system, there is an issue of whether Day One players can find a new home given the strength of each team’s roster and salary cap, and maintaining a 10-team system will be difficult to solve as it is not easy to find a buyer.

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