The effect of bad luck and FA has also decreased. “What has changed in Lotte Baseball?”

It is difficult to expect the good fortune of recruiting released players and making good use of them, and the free agent effect of recruiting large sums of money.

Overall, the feeling of impact is reduced and the flow is not continued.

It is still a story of poor Lotte batters.

Lotte’s top hitter, Ahn Kwon-soo, was one of Lotte’s top hits from the exhibition game to the season opening series.

Ahn Kwon-soo, a Korean-Japanese, can only play for one year due to military problems.토토사이트

Doosan gave up Kwon-soo Ahn and got another chance as Lotte recruited him.

The demonstration match was truly Ahn Kwon-soo’s stage.

His batting average was 0.571. He led the team’s offense with 16 hits in 28 at-bats. He didn’t have many walks, 3, but his excellent hit production ability earned him a spot as a top hitter.

That energy seemed to continue until the opening series. However, the explosive power started to decrease before I knew it. On the 7th, Sajik tk Jeonseo went 4 at-bats and had his first no-hit game in 4 games.

Then his batting average dropped sharply. Ahn Kwon-soo’s season batting average was 0.235. Batting average isn’t that important since it’s early in the season, but a gust of wind that can’t maintain a 30% is highly likely to be trapped in a teacup.

The long-awaited silence between Yoo Kang-nam and Noh Jin-hyeok is still getting longer.

Kang-Nam Yoo has a batting average of only 0.100. He recorded no home runs. Roh Jin-hyeok’s batting average is only 0.071. He is struggling with a batting average that is less than 10%.

Lotte expected that with the addition of Yoo Gang-nam and Noh Jin-hyuk, the bottom line would be strengthened. He predicted that he could build a lineup that can expect hits and runs from 1st to 9th.

Lotte manager Sutton said, “Until last year, we only attacked from 1 to 6. But now I can attack all 9 times.”

However, it is still not living up to expectations.

Ahn Kwon-soo gathered expectations as a player who would bring vitality to Lotte’s running baseball.

Park Heung-shik, Lotte chief and batting coach, said, “The odds of sticking with your strength against the opposing ace-level pitchers are low. Players like Ahn Kwon-soo should be used to sway opponents and play baseball in which gaps arise. Lotte was confident that such baseball was now possible.

However, as Ahn Kwon-soo’s pace dropped little by little, his batting line’s vitality also declined.

On the 7th, Lotte was completely defeated by Sajik kt match 1-7. Han Dong-hee hit a beastly home run, but that was all. Overall, in a situation where the power of the batting line is weak, the sluggishness of the expected players overlaps and is experiencing greater difficulties.

When will these faces come alive? The April match is very important this season. Since the difference in power between teams is not large, it is highly likely that the leaderboard at the beginning of the season will continue until the end. It is expected that it will be very difficult to hit and go up at once.

Although it is at the beginning of the season, it is the reason why you can only care about the team’s performance. As of the 7th, Lotte is in 9th place with 1 win and 3 losses.

A question came to mind when Lotte’s bottom line and top hitter, who were confident of change, were sluggish. “What on earth has Lotte Baseball changed?”

Their resurrection must come soon. A sluggish start is bound to amplify the difficulties for the rest of the season.

These are players who will explode someday. But don’t forget that if it’s too late, you may find yourself in a difficult situation to catch up.

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