Thank you for the defeat

In September 2022, Choi Jeong-eun shouted, “What is losing?” and won 20 consecutive wins. He ended his winning streak, so he lost half of the last round of the Gigi Auction Ship. The moment I bowed my head as the captain of the women’s team, the senior team won the championship in three years. Her second consecutive victory came to nothing when she lost to Oh Yu-jin in the semifinals of the Oh Cheong-won boat World Women’s Championship, and in the lakeside boat, she lost to Asami Ueno, the Japanese women’s national team, which eliminated Korea’s chances of winning. Choi Jeong-eun will never forget that time.토토사이트

“The more you try not to lose, the easier it is to lose. The more you cling to victory, the further away you will be from victory, but I didn’t know that. Even when I lost to Yujin Oh, I didn’t realize it. Let’s make the best use of our strengths, not two. That way, even if we lose, we won’t regret it. Now, we’re grateful for that defeat.”

Baek tries to live by entering the ear. Black says he will definitely catch it. As shown in <Figure 1>, white is good even if a tile comes out of the black pattern. So <Figure 2> Black 1 has no choice but to erase it from his head. Up to eight hundred live easily.

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