‘Take control of the team’ Ten Hagh shows charisma in the locker room… “It has become a proper team”

Manager Erik Ten Haag’s mission to rebuild Manchester United is steadily progressing.

Ten Haag, who took charge of Manchester United ahead of this season, struggled in the beginning. Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr), the team’s top star, was absent from the pre-season, demanding a transfer.

After the opening of the league, they lost consecutively to Brighton & Hove Albion and Brentford, which are evaluated as one step below. On top of that, Ronaldo created controversy with an interview in which he refused to order a replacement and sniped at Manchester United ahead of the World Cup.

The club sided with coach Ten Haag. He ended his contract with Ronaldo early and gave his support to manager Ten Hag.

After the traffic control was over, Manchester United also got on the flow. They won all the league matches that took place after the World Cup break. In the last round, they beat Bournemouth 3-0 and succeeded in winning three in a row. Including the League Cup, the high-altitude march of 4 consecutive victories. During the winning streak, he scored 9 goals and conceded not a single goal.

It could be seen as flawless, but director Ten Ha was not satisfied. The British media ‘Metro’ reported the atmosphere in the locker room revealed by David de Gea after the match against Bournemouth on the 5th (Korean time).

De Gea recalled, “The goalless victory made Ten Haag happy, but at the same time a little angry.”

He continued, “Coach Ten Haag thought we gave the opponent too many chances. He also got a little angry at the end of the game because he judged that the intensity had dropped.” 안전놀이터

De Gea was also satisfied with Ten Hag’s passion and leadership. He said, “Ten Hag is doing well. As I said before, he is leading all the players in the same direction. We feel that we have become a proper team.”

Finally, De Gea hoped that the upward trend would continue, saying, “Ten Hag has injected great mentality into the team. We are doing really well and we have to keep this momentum going.”

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