SY Group, a new team in the PBA Team League, prioritizes Sanchez-Han Ji-eun… Choi Seong-won-Segina-Jang Ga-yeon draft ‘big fish’ highlighted

High 1 Resort, one of the title sponsors of the PBA tour, joined on behalf of TS Shampoo and Puradak Heroes, followed by SY Group, a company specializing in general construction materials, joining the PBA (Professional Billiards Association) Team League as a new team.

On the morning of the 18th, the PBA said, “SY Group joined the PBA Team League as a new team, submitted an application for establishment, and recently finished designating priority players.” We will participate and enter into a nine-team system.”

Numerous ‘big names’ joined in the upcoming 2023-2024 season. Starting with the SY Group, which recruited Daniel Sanchez (49, Spain), one of the world’s four great three-cushion kings, and Han Ji-eun (22), the No. 1 amateur ranking, many changes are expected to unfold.

SY Group is a comprehensive construction material specialized production company that has been firmly maintained since becoming the number 1 in domestic building exterior panel market share in 2006. It is also accelerating overseas expansion such as Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, and Nepal, so it is expected to be effective in marketing in the Southeast Asian market, where there is great interest in billiards.

The team name of the SY professional billiards team is ‘SY BAZZAR’. Bazaar is an independent brand of SY that plays a role in promoting cosmetic products and K-beauty to the world. The professional billiard team also contains the meaning of being reborn as a team that expands to the world.

There were many strong players such as Choi Seong-won and Semi Seiginer (Turkiye) who challenged the PBA tour this season, but SY chose Sanchez as everyone expected. There is a concern that the strong players will be wiped out with priority designation, so the PBA has set its own tier for the squad. SY, who received this list, selected Sanchez and Han Ji-eun to organize their forces.토토사이트

In addition to this, Lee Young-hoon (32), who reached the semifinals of the World Championships last season, Hwang Deuk-hee (55), the ‘Asian Games Gold Medalist’, and Han Seul-gi (32), an ‘unknown storm’, were additionally nominated. In addition, additional players will be selected through the PBA Team League draft event to be held on the 23rd.

Now, attention turns to the 2023 PBA Team League Draft, which will be held at the Korea Press Center at 3:00 pm on the 23rd. Each team plans to exercise the right to nominate players, excluding protected players, through the draft and complete the composition of the team.

Choi Seong-won and Seiginer, women’s amateur runner-up Jang Ga-yeon, Robinson Morales (Colombia), who left for the World Carom Federation (UMB) after winning the first PBA Team League and returned, and Lee Choong-bok, a “veteran,” were selected by each club in the draft. will receive a lot of attention from them.

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