Started at number 4, fell 8 times, struck out ‘0’ in 52 balls, can Hanwha Williams really bounce back?

He started as a No. 4 batsman, then moved down to No. 2 and No. 7.

Hanwha Eagles’ foreign batsman Nick Williams is in the starting line-up at No. 8-left field against the Gochukkium Heroes on the 25th. It was his first appearance at No. 8.

It was a troubling batting order adjustment for head coach Choi Won-ho.

Williams, who replaced Brian O’Grady, made his first appearance on 27 June against the KT Wiz, going 0-for-3 with one RBI. In 13 games through 22 July against the NC Dinos, he batted 1-for-7 with nine doubles (in 51 at-bats), one home run, four RBI and a .486 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage).

I brought him up expecting a #4, but he’s batting in the teens. In 52 at-bats, he has zero walks and 14 strikeouts.

The hitting slump continued through the All-Star break and into the second half. Williams will play a two-game series against NC on 21-22 July.

went 2-for-8 with a home run and one RBI. Still struggling to hit the ball with power. His timing is off on fastballs because he’s hitting off the batting point. Baseball people in the field say, “Basically, he has a problem with his swing mechanics.”카지노사이트

Last weekend, manager Choi Won-ho said, “I’ll watch him for about three games and if he doesn’t improve, I’ll actively intervene.” Before the Heroes game on the 25th, Choi said, “Williams has been talking a lot with the hitting coach. I hope his batting pace will improve and he will move up the order.”

The foreign batting woes started in April and continued through May, June and into July.

O’Grady, who opened the season batting at No. 4, was dropped to No. 5 and then to the lower order of No. 6 and No. 7. He left the team after 86 runs.

Hanwha’s worries were mounting.

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