Siheung Seohae Go soccer team wins national title 16 years after its founding

Siheung Seohae Go has emerged as a dark horse in high school soccer, winning the national championship 16 years after its founding in 2007.

Led by “tactical mastermind” Kim Hak-cheol, Seohae-go has won the Weekend League regional title since its inception in 2009, but has yet to win a national title. Their best results were third place at the 2016 Presidential Geumbae High School Football Tournament and second place at the 2019 Cheongryonggi National High School Football Tournament.

After 16 years of perseverance, Seohae-go’s fortunes have changed this year. After placing third at the 28th No-Semester National High School Football Tournament, the team won its first title at the 60th Cheongryonggi National High School Football Tournament last month with a 2-1 victory over Yangsan Bumae High School.

The victory was the result of the players’ and coaches’ unremitting efforts and perfect teamwork. Seohae Go prepared for the tournament in the sweltering heat by practicing every day after school at Siheung Himchan Park Stadium. In particular, the tactics of coach Kim Hak-chul, who has been with the team for 12 years, stood out.

In the final, when the team’s offense became stagnant due to frequent passing mistakes in the early stages of the game, Kim realized the team’s problems and the opponent’s tactics and ordered a tactical change. The players responded well, scoring the first goal and taking the initiative to win the game.

Kim Kwang-ho, the head teacher, also played a big role. As the student-athletes experienced stress and emotional fluctuations due to combining their studies and sports, he encouraged them by helping them to stabilize their psychological state through constant communication.

Thanks to this strong trust between coaches and players, Seohae High School has consistently produced excellent players. K League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai midfielder Ryu Jae-moon and Daejeon Hana Citizen forward Yoo Kang-hyun are among the school’s alumni.

Coach Kim Hak-cheol hasn’t had time to bask in the glow of the club’s first title in 12 years, but is busy preparing for the next competition. The ‘2023 National High School Football League Wangjoongwangjeon’ is just around the corner, starting on the 14th.바카라사이트

“It hasn’t been long since we finished the Cheongryonggi tournament, but we have to prepare for the next one right away,” said coach Kim Hak-chul. “The players have resumed training again with nagging injuries and haven’t recovered physically yet, so we are worried. It would be great to win, but we will take care of the players’ bodies first.”

Coach Kim continued, “We have a lot of players with high-level skills. We will continue to strive to develop the team and foster excellent players so that Seohae Go can continue to maintain its top-notch performance in the high school stage.”

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