Samsung makes emergency change in starting lineup, bullpen day with Jang Pil-joon in place of Buchanan

The Samsung Lions have changed their starting line-up against the KT Wiz in Daegu on the 21st from David Buchanan to Jang Pil-joon, due to his poor physical condition.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “Buchanan woke up and was not feeling well, so I had to change the starting line-up. Jang Pil-joon is the replacement. We’ll have to see how he is.” Buchanan also missed one start in June due to gout.

Park said, “It was a finger before, but this time it’s my knee. When it gets bad, it can last a few days. It was hard to walk in the morning, but after going to the hospital, it’s better now. We’ll have to see how it goes tomorrow.”

Not ready to go, Jang won’t be taking the mound ready to start either. It will be a bullpen day with relievers. Jang Pil-joon has started before, and even prepared as a starter before this season, but after two starts, he pitched one inning in relief against the NC Dinos on the 8th. Manager Park Jin-man said, “Yesterday was fine. It was a sudden situation, so Jang Pil-joon wasn’t ready. We’ve been preparing in the middle, so we’ll use several pitchers today.”안전놀이터

Buchanan’s various performances at the All-Star Game earned him loud applause from the fans. He was ready to pitch the first game of the second half, but a sudden illness delayed his start. “I was disappointed that Buchanan didn’t win the performance award… I hadn’t pitched before the All-Star Game, so it was difficult to pitch, and I consulted with coach Kim Won-hyung and went out to right field. I even got a hit. I had a good stance,” he said.

It’s a disappointing situation for Samsung, which was looking for a comeback after winning 3-1 at the end of the first half. However, the outfield was fortunately rebuilt. Park said, “Kim Ji-chan has improved over the All-Star break by two or three days, so he’s starting today. Koo Ja-rook can also play defence, so we have more options at designated hitter. Today, Kim Jae-sung will play designated hitter.” Park Jin-man said, “I think it will be better than the first half. The players are back, and the bullpen pitchers got better towards the end. It seems to be a stable trend.”

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