Samsun middle school aiming for the championship, “Height and speed are both strong”

“The players are tall. Both rebound and speed are strengths.”

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of the season, but amateur players, who can be said to be the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season

. It was a satisfactory season. However, coach Han Kyu-hyun left a sense of regret. It was because of the generation that was directly hit by the corona, and the players lacked training. grades were good. However, the training of the players was insufficient. suffered from corona Other teams will do the same. I couldn’t complete the basics in middle school. After that, “

The team color for 2022 was high activity and defense. There were one or two injured players, but the sophomores filled the void well. There will be no change in team color for 2023. will run a lot A full-court press was also prepared. The height of the players is better than in 2022. The rebound is also strong. The overall framework will be maintained, but we will add some changes 바카라사이트


” “From the third week of February, I will go to Jeju Island training camp. During winter training, I intensively prepared for the full-court press. I prepared the rotation timing in detail, including the double team. I also practiced setting up a rebound position,” he explained.

Coach Han Kyu-hyun picked Yoon Ji-won and Song Young-hun as players to watch. Coach Han Kyu-hyun said, “(Yoon) Ji-won and (Song) Young-hoon are players to watch. Ji-won is a tall player and has a good understanding of basketball. He knows how to read the flow of the game and knows the tricks of management. Young-hoon is a powerful player. C. It hasn’t been long since I started playing basketball, but I show my strengths in shooting and power.”

Lastly, “We are aiming for the championship in 2023. The three-line is fast and high. Both rebound and speed are strengths. What we need to improve is the shooting. Most of them are strong, but the shooting is a little lacking. If only the shooting is reinforced, a better team. It will be,” he said.

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