“RYU Living Legend Was Solid in Tough Environment”…5G ERA 1.50, Ryu Hyun-jin Ransom Heard Rising

“I was solid in a tough environment”

Ryu Hyun-jin started the 2023 Major League Baseball game against the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, U.S., on May 2 (ET), throwing 76 pitches in five innings, allowing four hits (one home run), two walks, three strikeouts and two runs (two earned). Despite leaving the mound with the win in hand, he was unable to get the win, but he did his job perfectly.

After more than a year of rehabilitation following Tommy John surgery, Ryu returned to the big leagues on April 2 against the Baltimore Orioles. In his first start, he gave up four runs (four earned) on nine hits in five innings. But again, it’s a mistake to judge everything from one game. Ryu’s best outing came in his second start.

After a dizzying accident against the Cleveland Cavaliers on April 8, in which he was hit by a hard-hit ball, Ryu threw a four-inning “no-hitter” to signal the return of the Korean Monster, and then went on a three-game winning streak, throwing five innings of two-run ball against the Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, and Cleveland. He then went on a four-game winning streak.

The Colorado Rockies, who are in last place in the National League, weren’t going to be an obstacle given how Ryu has been pitching lately. The problem was the environment. Coors Field, located at a high altitude, is known as a “pitcher’s graveyard” because of the amount of fly balls it generates compared to other stadiums. Ryu hadn’t fared well at Coors Field in his career, going 1-4 with a 7.09 ERA. However, during his recent hot streak, Ryu has been solid.

Ryu got off to a great start in the first inning by striking out three Colorado batters, and he continued his cruise in the second inning by shutting down the center field lineup of Ryan McMahon, Brandon Rogers, and Hunter Goodman. The most disappointing aspects of the game were the bullpen errors and the third inning homer that prevented Hyun-jin Ryu from securing the win.

After retiring two straight batters to start the inning, Hyun-Jin Ryu led off the third with a walk to Nolan Jones. He then faced Eleuris Montero, who fired a four-pitch changeup in the middle of the strike zone on a 1B-2S pitch that led to a leadoff double. Ryu then gave up a walk to Charlie Blackmon and a double to Ezequiel Toba. But Ryu would not be rattled.

With runners on second and third, Ryu got Elias Diaz to ground into a fielder’s choice for the second out, then struck out McMahon to end the inning. In the fourth inning, he was once again threatened with a run on a questionable call by umpire Angel Hernandez, but once again showed his crisis management skills by retiring Montero, who had given up a home run in his previous at-bat.

After getting out of two big jams, Hyun-Jin Ryu settled in for five innings of two-run ball, striking out the Brenton Doyle-Blackmon-Tovar trio in the fifth. With the score tied at 2-2 in the top of the sixth, Danny Jansen hit a back-to-back two-run homer to center field, and Hyun-Jin Ryu walked off the mound with the win. However, a defensive error in the bottom of the sixth inning cost Toronto the lead, and Ryu ended the game with a no-decision.

Despite the disappointment of not getting the individual win, Ryu walked off the mound with the team in position to win, and Toronto, who are in a tight race for a postseason berth, picked up a valuable win. In doing so, Hyun-jin Ryu has now helped his team to five wins in six starts since returning to the big leagues.

Local media praised Ryu for overcoming the ‘graveyard of pitchers’ Coors Field. “Ryu threw five innings of two-run ball, which would be the equivalent of a seven-inning no-hitter if it weren’t for Coors Field,” said Sportsnet in Canada, “He could have kept going, but he didn’t need to because his bullpen was well-rested.”

The Jays were excited, too. After posting “Ryu Hyun-jin is on fire” after their second win of the season against Cincinnati on March 21, the Toronto club took to social media to post a video of Ryu pitching again, saying, “His ERA is 2.48 since his return,” and giving him a thumbs up as a “living legend.” CBS Sports in the U.S. also praised the pitcher.카지노사이트

“Ryu allowed two runs on four hits and two walks in five innings against Colorado,” said CBS Sports. Despite giving up a two-run homer to Ezequiel Montero in the third inning, Ryu was solid in the tough Colorado conditions.” “Ryu has allowed two runs or less in each of his last five starts, giving him a 1.50 ERA with 20 strikeouts in 24 innings. He’ll look to continue his good work in his next start, which is likely to be on Wednesday (July 7).”

While one Tommy John surgery is enough to keep many pitchers from returning to the mound, Hyun-jin Ryu has overcome two major surgeries to continue his excellent form. As he approaches free agency, his value is increasing day by day.

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