‘Refugee Second Generation Ssireum Player’ Wendy’s dream

There is a boy who was born to refugee parents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and became a promising wrestler in Korea.

I am Wendy Kim, a 6th grader in elementary school.

He had many restrictions as a second-generation refugee, but the road was finally opened for him to be registered as a full-time player.

Reporter Lee Moo-hyung met.


A player of Cheong Satba overwhelms his opponent with a snatch technique.

This is Wendy Kim, a 6th grade player in elementary school who has good strength and excellent skills compared to her physique.

Wendy Kim, who swept the Gyeonggi-do tournament two years after starting wrestling, is a second-generation refugee with refugee parents from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

He was born in Korea and has no problems communicating. [Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwa Elementary School, 6th grader : “I was very skinny in the past, but wrestling

made me stronger and my stamina improved a lot. ” Friend!”] Wendy Kim, who is stateless, has not been able to participate in the national competitions. This was because unless he was a Korean national, he could not register as a wrestler with the Korea Ssireum Association. [Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwa Elementary School, 6th grader : “I didn’t know either. Why I couldn’t go (to the competition)… I cried (a lot).” In the meantime, I have been steadily suggesting and good news has been delivered.

The Ssireum Association has decided to allow players to register up to middle school students even if they are not of Korean nationality.토토사이트

[Soundbite] Kim Seung-soo/Ansan Maehwa Elementary School Ssireum Club Director : “Wendy herself can only compete with children who have a hobby… It was very disappointing, but I’m glad that I can play a proper game now.”] Same Democratic Republic of the Congo

. Wendy Kim, who is close to Biwesa, a second-generation refugee and track and field athlete, dreams of becoming a famous Korean athlete.

[Kim Wendy/Ansan Maehwa Elementary School, 6th grader : “I get a lot of pocket money because I show off my winning side, and if I lose, I’ll just admit it and win the next tournament.”]

KBS News Lee Moo-hyung.

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