Pro → Perhaps, there is no ‘waterfall effect’ for the leader. The most urgent countermeasure… KBO step out

Right after the WBC (World Baseball Classic) disaster, I received a call from a professional high school coach. His voice was very agitated.

“Amateur leaders, you need to reflect. They only knew how to dominate the children, but they can’t give proper guidance. There are many leaders who can’t even show a baseball demonstration.”

It is a difficult time to teach. There is no longer a teacher with absolute authority as in the past. Lack of skills is also one of the reasons. 토토사이트

As a result, young players naturally learn pitching and batting through various routes. Learning through YouTube and receiving baseball tutoring through a private baseball academy.

This way, the parents’ backs are bent. You have to pay not only the money you pay for school, but also the cost of tutoring. Here, the burden of equipment such as wooden bats is not easy.

The saying, ‘If you don’t have money, you can’t play baseball’ is true. No matter how athletic a child is, if the family is in a difficult situation, he cannot play baseball. Only then can the influx of the best talent into baseball become impossible.

In addition, the leader conversion rate of pro-legendary stars is gradually dropping. It is because the status is insecure and there is no money. It is common for people to slip into TV commentators or entertainment programs that earn more than twice as much money.

The leader pool is becoming more and more depleted. The number of star leaders who can communicate with so-called ‘speaking’ is decreasing.

Since pros are at this level, it goes without saying that amateurs are on the frontlines.

Most schools do not even have battery coaches. Catchers, who need to be trained systematically and in detail, are being neglected in the map.

To make matters worse, there is not enough time to learn. In front-line schools, training starts late in the afternoon to guarantee unrealistic learning rights. Even with talented leaders, there is not enough time to teach.

total mess. What should I do?

You need to broaden your horizons a bit more. The baseball game also needs a ‘beneficiary-pay principle’.

The final beneficiaries of fostering young amateurs are the professional teams of the KBO League. Of course, the KBO and 10 professional clubs must make long-term investments to nurture young players. If you think that you have fulfilled your duty simply by providing supplies to local schools, you are mistaken.

Sustainable institutional arrangements are needed. A large number of former pros must be constantly put into fostering amateur baseball.

The financial burden should be borne by the KBO and the 10 clubs, not the parents. It is a long-term investment for the future.

There is a need to turn many pros into regular amateur touring coaches. Young student athletes can reduce the financial burden of private tutoring and have quality learning time. For many retired players, it can be a solution to re-employment. It is truly a policy that kills two birds with one stone.

A baseball player who raised the issue of amateur baseball leaders said, “Honestly, many private academies have no choice but to view each student as money. It will be a narrow gate to enter only through competition.”

Equality in baseball education. It’s time for the KBO to step out before it’s too late.

The unrealistic and mechanical filling of class hours also needs change. In the reality that close to 90% of players quit baseball, guaranteeing universal learning rights is of course important. However, all policies must be practical.

What would be the meaning if a student athlete who trained at night went to class during the day and came out after sleeping? Rather, a practical alternative would be to set a schedule that suits the level of student players and have them take an academic test.

Education reform is the grand plan of the future. Regardless of family circumstances, talented student athletes should be able to receive quality education from an early age to increase the chances of becoming a world star like Shohei Ohtani. This is why the KBO needs to step out immediately.

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