‘Prince of Conte’ can’t even leave the lease… Looks like he’s tied to Tottenham

Oliver Skip was willing to leave the lease, but the situation is not good.

Skip is from the Sunggol Youth, which started with Tottenham Hotspur Youth. When Mauricio Pochettino was in charge of the team, he was chosen by manager Pochettino to begin his professional career. Skip, who was young, chose to gain experience through loan instead of competing for the starting lineup, and grew noticeably through his loan spell to Norwich City in the 2020-21 season. At the time, Skip performed so well that he was selected as the Team of the Year for the 2020-21 season England Championship (2nd division) by the Professional Footballers Association of England (PFA).

Skip, who returned from loan, has emerged as a key resource for Tottenham. In addition, since Antonio Conte took over as manager, Skip’s performance has improved and he has earned the nickname ‘Prince of Conte’. In fact, Skip has been active since the middle of last season when he started receiving coach Conte’s guidance, showing bold forward dribbling and passing.

It was an injury that caught Skip’s ankle, who was doing well. After suffering a groin injury, Skip’s return to the squad was delayed due to problems during rehabilitation, and he ended up on the operating table, ending what was expected to be a career-high season. It was the North London derby against Arsenal in the ninth round of the league that Skip, who had not played in the game at the beginning of this season, made his return to Tottenham. 카지노사이트

After the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Rodrigo Bentancur was injured and Yves Bisuma had several chances, but he did not show the performance as much as last season, which was in full swing. He has been criticized for not performing better than Papesar, who is in a similar situation, and it seems highly likely that he will return to the bench at the same time as Bentankur’s return.

The possibility of Skip leaving on loan has surfaced. Reporter Alesdair Gold, who is a member of England’s ‘Football London’ and works as an internal reporter for Tottenham, said, “Skip, who is not guaranteed playing time, is willing to leave on loan to Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds United or Bournemouth to improve his performance. “But it is understood that there is no possibility that Skip will be loaned out to Tottenham at the moment, as Sar is injured.”

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