‘Pressure and pressure’ Han Kyo-won, “I don’t think about anything else with the Jeonbuk emblem”

 “I don’t think of anything else after wearing the emblem of Jeonbuk”. 

Han Kyo-won scored a wedge in the second half of the Hana One Q K-League 1 2023 round 8 match against Jeju United at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd, leading Jeonbuk to a 2-0 victory. 

With Jeonbuk leading 1-0 thanks to Song Min-kyu’s opening goal, Han Kyo-won was substituted. Lee Dong-jun, who was the starter, stepped on the ground due to an injury. 

In the 44th minute of the second half, Han Kyo-won intercepted Jeju’s goal from the front line and ran to the goal. It was a goal made in a troubled situation. 

After the game, Han Kyo-won said, “Not only me, but all the players played hard. There are still many games left, not just the match against Jeju. Both the players and the coaching staff have to work hard.” 

“What the coach was most worried about was losing confidence. If you doubt yourself, you can’t get out of control,” he said. seems to be,” he said. 

Han Kyo-won, who is taking a breather and playing again this season, said, “I don’t think there was a reversal in winning a game. said. 

Han Kyo-won entered the game with a lot of pressure. Lee Dong-jun was injured and could no longer play. He also left the field from Hafa Silva to coach Kim Sang-shik.토토사이트 

Han Kyo-won said, “When one person was sent off, the burden was great. Even when the coach left, the burden was even greater.” I made a lot of effort while doing it,” he explained. 

In particular, Han Kyo-won said, “I am a player wearing the emblem of Jeonbuk. I have accumulated a lot while playing for Jeonbuk for 10 years. Also, I do not want to lose what my seniors have accumulated.” I really enjoyed playing for 20 years and made a strong team. I want to work hard with everyone.” 

Regarding the recent team atmosphere, he said, “The players can’t be unaware of the messy atmosphere. Obviously, the players know better.” Everyone thinks the same,” he explained. 

On the other hand, Han Kyo-won said, “I have to run with a desperate heart to live and die. Even if I can’t participate in the game, I will cheer for my juniors and all the players,” he said, reassuring his will to win. / 10bird@osen.co.kr

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