‘Pohang Ace’ Shin Jin-ho, the reason why he did not accompany him in the winter training, will the gap between players and clubs be narrowed?

Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong (52) left for Vietnam, a winter training ground, with worries.

The Pohang team departed for Hanoi, Vietnam on the 9th, and began quenching for the 2023 season by the 28th. However, there was a name missing from the departure list that day. It is none other than “Ace” Shin Jin-ho (35).

Shin Jin-ho, the ‘midfield conductor’ who coordinates Pohang’s offense and defense, is a key midfielder. When coach Kim made or changed tactics, he even consulted with Shin Jin-ho. In particular, I walked on the clouds in the 2022 season. He filmed ‘Career High’. He appeared in 32 K League 1 matches and recorded 4 goals and 10 assists. His precise kicking power and sharp shooting power reminded him of his prowess in his prime. In the end, Shin Jin-ho was selected as the K-League 1 best 11 midfielder. In the meantime, it was Shin Jin-ho, who was evaluated as having no mourning clothes compared to his skills. Above all, it was more meaningful because he won the award in his mid-thirties.

However, after the season, the gap between the player and the club widened little by little. Even though the player is already receiving the best treatment of the club, he expected a reasonable reward for his performance in the 2022 season 메이저사이트. Coach Kim sensed a strange current between Shin Jin-ho and the club during the recent domestic call-up training and started mediation. In addition, the club also recognized the importance of Shin Jin-ho and respected the player’s opinion, breaking the restrictions set by the club implicitly and offering a multi-year contract extension. However, he has not yet reached an agreement.

An official from the club said, “Coach Kim judged that it would have an adverse effect on both the player and the team unless the player happily agreed to the conditions presented by the club and went to training. It didn’t work. First of all, the player is taking it as a sign that he will look for another team.”

There was another case similar to Shin Jin-ho in Pohang. Central defender Ha Chang-rae (29). Ha Chang-rae, who changed from Incheon to Pohang uniform in 2018, fixed his annual salary after the 2020 season and joined the military as a managing director. However, he is said to have judged that he needed more compensation after returning to the team in September of last year. Still, Chang-rae Ha resolved his dissatisfaction through a meeting with director Kim and left Vietnam together.

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