Park Seong-ho, the captain who led Gwangju High School’s first win of the season, “We have to lead by example from the 3rd year”

“You have to take the lead from the 3rd grade”

Gwangju High School won 74-64 in the match against Gimhae Gaya High School in the South High School Group B qualifier for the 2023 Federation President’s National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball Gimcheon Tournament held at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. Although he failed to advance to the finals, he achieved his first victory throughout the 2023 season.

Captain Park Seong-ho took the center stage of Gwangju High School with 14 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal. He injured his ankle, but showed his fighting spirit. On his court, he actively communicated with his teammates. The Gwangju High School players, who were whipped by Park Seong-ho, did not hesitate. They jumped over billboards and were willing to fight hard.

After the game, Park Seong-ho said, “I said at the team meeting the day before, let’s finish well. From the next tournament, two players who have been released from school transfer will join. I won because I did well. My ankle was injured in the first match of the preliminary round. It came back during the match. (Woo Seung-yeon) The coach taped it himself. It still hurts, but I played hard for the team.”크크크벳

He added, “The coach always tells me. He said that you have to set an example from the 3rd year, so that the juniors will follow. It is also important to communicate on the court. The 3rd year communicated first, and we worked hard so that the juniors could follow.”

Gwangju High School lost to Gimhae Gayago in the association long-term qualifier. The reason why the victory was more valuable that day. Revenge was successful.

“(Cho) Joo-Young blocked Kwon Min with a box one. He blocked it well, but he was sent off for 5 fouls in the 3rd quarter. Nevertheless, in this game, he blocked Kwon Min better than in the previous match,” he was delighted.

Lastly, when he said that the fighting spirit of the Gwangju High School players was impressive, he said, “Byeongmu Yoo didn’t perform well in the first quarter. They did it. They seemed to be motivated and worked hard. They went over billboards,” he concluded the interview.

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