Park Jong-ha felt the weight of the Taeguk mark “Valuable experience before graduation, honored”

Jong-ha Park (187 cm, G), who returned to Korea with the Taeguk mark, showed more growth and contributed to his team’s victory.

Park Jong-ha led Sungkyunkwan University to a 67-46 victory over Sangmyung University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League game at Sangmyung University’s Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on Saturday.

Jong-ha had eight points, two rebounds, and three assists in 32 minutes and 52 seconds of action. He may not have stood out in the stat sheet, but he led the team with confidence every time he stepped on the court.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the team, so I didn’t have a lot of practice. So there were some creaky parts, but it feels good to win,” she said after the victory.

As for what didn’t go well, he said, “Both offense and defense didn’t go well. The coach emphasized the part of pressing hard from the beginning of the game and connecting with fastballs, but I think it didn’t work well, and not only me, but all the players were a little complacent, so I think it didn’t work out overall.”

Sungkyunkwan University saw many players receive playing time on the day. Kang Sung-wook and Kim Yoon-sung, who usually play as the team’s mainstays, played less than 25 minutes. Instead, other players played a lot of minutes and showed good performances.

“From the next game, we will be without (Kang) Sung-wook and (Kim) Yoon-sung, who are both with the U19 national team. We have to play without them. I think the coach has been rotating them to prepare for that.”

Park Jong-ha was recently selected to play in the Korea-Japan University Selection Basketball Tournament, where he wore the Taeguk mark. It must have been a unique experience for him as it was the first time he wore the flag on his chest.

“I was so honored to wear the flag for the first time since I started playing basketball, and it was meaningful to gain valuable experience before graduation. I gained a lot from the tournament, so I want to incorporate it into my life and help the team,” he said.토토사이트

“We had the best players from each university, so I was able to identify and learn from their strengths, and I learned a new style of basketball from a new coach. When I go to the pros, I will have to adapt to the new basketball, but I think I have already trained for it.”

“We are very disappointed with our current ranking, but we are determined to win all four remaining games and strive to rise to the top again,” he concluded.

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