Park Ji-hyun, who led Woori Bank’s 14th consecutive win, ‘the most individual 24P this season’

Park Ji-hyun scored the most individual points this season and led Woori Bank to victory in the first game of 2023.

Thanks to Park Ji-hyun’s performance, Asan Woori Bank won a 68-56 home game against Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball Regular League Busan BNK held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 14th.

Park Ji-hyun ran the court for 38 minutes and 20 seconds, recording 24 points and 9 rebounds. The 24 points Park Ji-hyun posted that day is the most points scored by an individual this season. Park Ji-hyun completely filled the void created by Park Hye-jin and Choi Yi-sam’s absence due to injury.

Park Ji-hyun, after winning that day, said, “Since it is the first game to play after the All-Star break, he took care to raise the sense of the game. (Park) Hyejin unnie and (Choi) Lee Sam unnie were absent, so I thought the match today was a turning point, but I was able to win because the remaining players did well.”

It was a match where Park Hye-jin, the pillar of the team, was absent, and Choi Yi-sam was also injured. Park Ji-hyun’s performance was necessary for the team to win while two of the team’s key players broke away. Prior to the match, Woori Bank manager Wi Seong-woo expected Park Ji-hyun to perform well, such as carrying the ball. 

Park Ji-hyun said, “It was a game that started again after a break, and I think I felt more responsible after two key players were missing.”

“The results of the match were good, but there were many things that were lacking and regrettable. There were also parts that needed to be redone. During the break, I pointed out those parts again, and it seems to have worked out, so it’s good.”

Park Ji-hyun scored 24 points without making a 3-point shot that day. He confidently climbed up from the bottom of the goal and scored, and induced a free throw. In particular, when he mismatched BNK’s Ahn Hye-ji and Lee So-hee, he easily scored through post-up.

Park Ji-hyun said, “Originally, the coach pointed out to each person what to do in the game that day, but today (14th) he ordered me to go up confidently from the inside. So he wanted to boost his confidence by perfectly carrying out the part the director ordered, and he seemed to have done well.” 

“My strength is that I have good height and physicality compared to the guard position, so I can play both outside and under the goal. So during the break, he tried to develop my existing strengths rather than creating other strengths.”

Park Ji-hyun also did not forget to thank director Wi Sung-woo. “In fact, there are many stories that he was an all-weather player when he was in high school, but that is not the case. He did nothing right from one to ten. He also had many bad habits. He came to the pro and relearned those parts one by one.”

“I am still learning a lot and getting scolded. He said, “The director taught me to develop good habits from the beginning, and it seems to be a process to make it my own.” 메이저사이트

With this victory, Woori Bank took a step closer to reaching 17 consecutive wins, the club’s most consecutive win record. He is also looking at a 19-game winning streak, the longest streak in WKBL history.

Even if you don’t dwell on the record, the players will also be concerned when the story flows inside and outside. However, Park Ji-hyun said, “Players don’t talk about winning streaks well. I don’t think any game can be easily won,” he said, revealing that he is doing his best in a given game.

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