Park Jeong-won, owner of Doosan, has appeared in Australia…”I hope you will play impressive baseball like Bears”

 Doosan Group Chairman Park Jeong-won, owner of the Doosan Bears, visited the training ground in 2023 to encourage the team.

On the 13th, owner Park Jeong-won visited the Blacktown International Baseball Stadium in Sydney, Australia with Doosan Energity Chairman Park Ji-won. Park Jeong-won, owner of the team, watched the training quietly, following his usual philosophy of not interfering with the schedule of the team. Then, he cheered by shaking hands with coach Lee Seung-yeop, coaching staff and players, and delivered encouragement money to captain Heo Gyeong-min.

Owner Park Jeong-won asked, “Forget about last season and do your best with a new resolution with the newly appointed manager Lee Seung-yeop. I hope you will not disappoint the fans and play impressive baseball like the Bears.”

Owner Park Jeong-won’s visit to field training is not an unfamiliar sight. Owner Park Jeong-won visited the training ground every year before the Corona 19 pandemic and worked hard to provide the best environment for the team by looking around the ground and bullpen with his own eyes.  토토사이트

In particular, owner Park Jeong-won took the lead in improving the team’s power by leading the recruitment match between manager Lee Seung-yeop and FA Yang Eui-ji after the end of last season. Owner Park Jeong-won, a famous baseball fanatic, is famous for showing great interest and affection for the Doosan Bears, such as visiting Jamsil Stadium on a regular basis. 

Director Lee Seung-yeop said, “The owner gave great strength to the off-season power reinforcement, and also boosted morale with a visit to encourage field training. I will prepare well for the remaining period and show a good figure for the 2023 season.” 

Captain Heo Gyeong-min promised, “I am grateful to the owner who visits me from far away every spring camp and encourages me. I will try harder to repay you with good grades.”

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