‘One of the four is out’ 3-5th place winner takes all, Kia chases 1.5G car, ‘clockwise’ 4 real autumn baseball wars have begun → Crowd explodes in heatwave, fans are having fun

The battle for three spots in fall baseball is as hot as the sun.

Four teams are battling it out for three spots.

LG and SSG, who have steadily built a two-powered system since the first half of the year, will remain stable in the top two spots unless something drastic happens. The battle for first place between the two teams is the only remaining variable.

First place LG is stable. They came to Daegu and suffered two straight losses to Samsung, but after the addition of Choi Won-tae, they are poised to dominate.

Second-place SSG has faltered of late and is now 3.5 games behind leaders LG. Even their top hitter, Hack Eredia, is out for a long time due to injury. However, it’s not too much to worry about. They have plenty of wins to play for. With the ups and downs of the mid-table teams, they are five games off the top three.

The real competition is for the last three spots. It’s a battle for third, fourth, and fifth place.

NC, Doosan, KT, and KIA have started an unprecedented fall baseball war.

NC and Doosan are on a roller coaster ride.

It’s been good, it’s been bad. The ups and downs are extreme.

After an 11-game winning streak, Doosan lost five in a row and then won two in a row to take a commanding lead in the midweek three-game series against Hanwha. The top three of Alcantara-Brandon duo and Kwak-Bin have been steady. Choi Won-jun’s steady play and Kim Dong-joo’s rebound are key.

NC has been struggling with injuries to their starting pitching staff. They are missing a number of key homegrown starters, including Koo Chang-mo, Lee Yong-joon and Lee Jae-hak. Aside from Peddie, they don’t have any guaranteed wins. That’s why Widener was a gamble. The key will be for newcomer Tanner Tully to settle in and for Koo Chang-mo to return. The bullpen is solid and the batting lineup is in good shape, so if the starting lineup is restored, they will be a strong third place team.

After falling to the bottom of the standings in the first half of the season, KT showed its resilience to climb to third place with seven straight wins. Their winning streak was cut short against Doosan on the 5th, but they are still tied for 5th place with the 3rd group.

Despite the absence of Choi Soo-joon, the team’s vaunted starting pitching has been solidly restored. The bullpen and batting order have also improved. The seasoned management of Lee Kang-cheol, who won the championship two years ago, is an invisible force. The team has a good chance of finishing in the top five.

They don’t have a flashy starting lineup, but they have a solid rotation. The batting lineup of Na Sung-beom, Kim Do-young, and Choi Won-jun is a game-changing force. They are a force to be reckoned with. They score five or more runs regardless of the pitcher they face. They are 7-1 in their last eight games and are 1.5 games out of fifth place. If they can reduce the bullpen overload and ups and downs, they will be in the top five.

Below them are Lotte and Hanwha, two of the “sleeping giants.

They are at a disadvantage compared to the four teams in the middle of the pack, but there is still hope.

Lotte has been in the top five for the entirety of the offseason, but their decline is clear. Hanwha has also seen a slight decline.

Both teams are 3-7 in their last 10 games.

Seventh-place Lotte, four games behind sixth-place KIA, needs a two-hitter. The recent resurgence of ace Barnes and newly acquired Aaron Wilkerson, who has shown steady form, are hopes for a rebound. The team is in desperate need of a comeback from injuries to key two-hitter players such as Na Kyun-an and Yoo Kang-nam. They also need a solid batting presence to anchor the lineup, such as Han Dong-hee.

Hanwha’s fireballing duo of Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun are both key players and variables.

Much will depend on whether homegrown ace Moon Dong-ju is limited to 120 innings or not, and how starter Kim Seo-hyun performs.안전놀이터

Moon’s innings limit could change if the team has any hope of making the top five. The batting lineup needs a meaningful rebound from new outfielder Nick Williams, who is no longer available. The team needs to spread out the pressure on Chae Eun-sung and Noh Si-hwan.

Fans are entertained by an increasingly heated best-of-five battle.

Even during the worst of the heat wave, more and more fans are flocking to ballparks. Viewership is soaring.

We hit the 5 million mark on the 4th. It’s been 93 games since the 4 million mark was reached on the 2nd of last month.

This is the second-fastest pace since 2015 for the number of games between 4 million and 5 million fans. As the competition heats up, more fans are expected to flock to the ballpark.

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