Ohtani’s rival Eunsado “He’s like a son to me, but the MVP is…”

The Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani, 29, a “two-hit monster” who has been dominating the major league stage, is already being touted as a frontrunner for American League MVP.

Ohtani started and batted second in the Angels’ 2023 Major League Baseball game against the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas, on June 16.

As a starter, Ohtani pitched six innings, allowing two runs on six hits with one walk and two strikeouts to earn his sixth win of the season. Ohtani’s bat also dazzled. With the bases loaded in the top of the eighth inning, he crushed an 86.5-mph (139-kilometer) slider from Brock Burke for a two-run homer in the middle of the inning. It was Ohtani’s 22nd home run of the season.

After a monumental season last year with a 15-9 record and 2.33 ERA as a pitcher and a .273 batting average with 34 homers, 95 RBIs and 11 stolen bases, Ohtani is once again a strong candidate for American League MVP this year with a 6-2 record and 3.29 ERA as a pitcher and a .301 batting average with 22 homers, 54 RBIs and 10 stolen bases. He currently leads the league in home runs.

Ohtani’s main challenger is Aaron Judge, who broke the American League home run record last year and won the MVP. This year, he’s on track to hit .291 with 19 home runs and 40 RBIs, but he’s been sidelined by injury.

However, even Jersey’s “gift” is tipping the scales in favor of Ohtani. Angels manager Phil Nevin is a strong proponent of Ohtani as the MVP. Nevin has a special relationship with Jersey, having coached with the Yankees from 2018-2021.토토사이트

After watching Ohtani pitch a complete game and hit a home run, Nevin told MLB.com and other local media after the game, “I said it last year, Jersey is like a son to me,” but he added, “But the MVP should be Ohtani.” In fact, Nevin said the same thing last year in September. “I love Jersey like a son, but the MVP should go to Ohtani,” Nevin claimed at the time. Nevin’s opinion hasn’t changed.

Even a manager of a team like Ohtani’s might be inclined to remain “neutral” in the face of an MVP race with a former student, but Nevin’s stance is unwavering. That’s why Ohtani’s two-for-two performance is nothing short of divine.

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