‘Oh, sorry!’ Fabinyu murder tackle → Barely warning… “You should have been sent off unconditionally”

Reporter Kwak Him-chan = Referee organization PGMOL argued that Fabinho (Liverpool) should have been sent off unconditionally.

British media ‘BBC’ said on the 31st (Korean time), “The refereeing body PGMOL insisted that Fabinho should have been sent off after a tackle on Evan Ferguson (Brighton) in the last FA Cup match.”

Liverpool lost 1-2 to Brighton in the 4th round of the English FA Cup in the 2022/2023 season held at the American Express Stadium in Brighton, England on the 30th. Liverpool were eliminated after conceding a theatrical goal to Kaoru Mitoma just before the end of the game. 메이저사이트

However, apart from the loss, Liverpool’s Fabinho was criticized for an unsportsmanlike foul. In the 40th minute of the second half, Fabinho hit Ferguson’s back ankle with a soccer boot stud from behind Ferguson, who was in possession of the ball. It was a dizzying situation that could have led to massive injuries.

However, only a yellow card was given to Fabinho. Immediately after the tackle, Fabinho made a gesture of sorry by frowning his laughing face, but Fans expressed anger at Fabinho’s attitude. Ferguson was helped off the ground and was reported to be on his crutches.

According to ‘BBC’, PGMOL emphasized that there was enough evidence to be sent off, and that he hit the back of the ankle with a stud.

Meanwhile, Brighton have yet to reveal the extent of Ferguson’s injury.

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