Oh Seung-hwan, who stood on the mound for the first time in 13 days, is familiar with the 9th inning, but the score of 2-8 is… 1 inning scoreless run. 

Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung), the ‘end boss’, climbed the mound after 13 days. 

Oh Seung-hwan, who made his first start in the debut match against Kiwoom in Daegu on the 3rd to recover his pitch, was canceled from the first team entry on the 4th to recharge. Oh Seung-hwan, who started to reorganize at Futures, returned to the first team stage ahead of the home game against LG on the 14th. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “I will be able to return to my position after using it as a bullpen for a while, and when my condition improves,” he said, “I have saved some strength and I am a veteran, so I must have prepared well.” 

Oh Seung-hwan made his first start after returning against KIA in Daegu on the 16th. As expected of the ‘end-of-the-match’, pitching in the 9th inning is 토스카지노 not unfamiliar, but standing on the mound with a score of 2-8 seemed a bit awkward.

As always, Oh Seung-hwan did his best in the given mission. He induced the shortstop ground ball with the slider on the 4th pitch in the first batter Kim Seon-bin and the ball count 2B-1S. Soon after, he threw the first fastball (143 km) against Shin Bum-soo and treated the center fielder as a fly ball. 

Oh Seung-hwan faced Choi Hyeong-woo in the fourth round. After a close battle with Choi Hyeong-woo, who ate rice in one pot during his Samsung days, to the 10th pitch, he turned it into a grounder on second base. /what@osen.co.kr

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