Oh Hyeon-gyu “The moment I dreamed of”… A dream to advance to Europe comes true wearing a ‘Celtic’ uniform

Oh Hyun-gyu (22) joined the famous Scottish professional football team ‘Celtic’ and greeted the fans.

Oh Hyun-gyu said in an interview with the Celtic club on the 25th, “I came to the club I really wanted to go to. I am happy that the moment I dreamed of came true.”

Celtic, based in Glasgow, Scotland, announced on the same day that K League 1 Suwon Samsung striker Oh Hyun-kyu had signed a five-year contract.

Although the club did not directly disclose the transfer fee, it was known that the amount was 3 million euros (approximately 4 billion won).

Hyungyu Oh has been playing in the K-League ever since signing a semi-professional contract with Suwon in 2019, and this is his first overseas expansion.

Oh Hyun-kyu said, “I’m really excited and happy to come to the city I saw in the movie. It’s really like a dream, so I think the days ahead will be filled with happy things.”

Oh Hyeon-kyu said, “He is very reckless and can fight the opponent’s defender well. He seems to be able to score a lot,” he said, appealing his strength.

And he also revealed his goal, saying, “I want to score a lot here and win the championship together. I want to go to the (European Football Federation) Champions League and climb high.”

Celtic is a team familiar to Korean fans as Ki Sung-yueng (Seoul) played from 2009 to 2012 and Cha Doo-ri, head of the FC Seoul Youth Ganghwa Office, from 2010 to 2012.

Hyungyu Oh said, “Senior Ki Sung-yong and senior Cha Doo-ri are people I have always admired. Ever since I was young, I have been dreaming of watching the players play at Celtic.” I’m excited. Like those players, I want to do well and achieve their goals even higher.”

Celtic, which shows a lot of interest in East Asian players, already has six Japanese players, including Kyogo Furuhashi and Daizen Maeda.

They are Oh Hyun-kyu’s colleagues and competitors.

Oh Hyun-gyu said, “As an Asian, I think I will be able to relate to the players. I want to do well just as they succeeded in Europe and distant places.”

Oh Hyun-gyu said his last goodbyes to Suwon fans. 바카라

He said on the Suwon club’s YouTube channel, “As it is my first time challenging Europe (stage), I will do my best and work hard to adapt quickly so that I can tell my fans better news as soon as possible.”

“I think that it is my hometown from middle and high school to professional life in Suwon. My heart is heavy to leave.”

“I will always support and watch from a distance so that Suwon can achieve better results. I believe that this season, Suwon will repay the fans with good results in the top ranks.”

Suwon and the fans conveyed the sadness of parting and the belief in the future together.

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