‘Number One Closer’ heading to the world, Go Woo-seok “Please vote for your favorite singer”

LG Ko Woo-seok (25), who has risen as the best finishing pitcher in the KBO League, wished for the success of the ’32nd Seoul Music Awards’ held on the 19th.

Go Woo-seok, who has been in charge of finishing pitcher since 2019, has consistently completed team victories and recorded 123 saves in his career. Last year, with 42 saves, he became the fifth and youngest player ever to reach 40 saves. He had the lowest earned run average among finishers with a 1.48 earned run average. 메이저사이트

His pitch is improving every year, and last year his average speed rose to 153.5 km. The slider with an average speed of 146.7 km is evaluated as a major league (MLB) level.

Go Woo-seok’s performance is expected to shine beyond the Korean stage and in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). He serves as the finishing pitcher for the Korean national team and is waiting for a match against top hitters.

Ko Woo-seok said, “Please show a lot of interest and support for this Seoul Music Awards. I hope you will vote for your favorite singer as well,” he smiled, saying, “And please show a lot of interest and support for Korean baseball.