Not the basketball player Park Ji-soo’s brother… Confident Woori Card main player MB Park Jun-hyeok “Volleyball is fun these days”

“It was fun to play.”

Woori Card middle blocker Park Joon-hyeok (26) left his familiar Hyundai Capital at the beginning of the season and moved to Woori Card. As Kim Jae-hwi, who was scheduled to play an active role as the main middle blocker, had to undergo surgery due to the discovery of an enlarged aortic aneurysm, Woori Card paid Joon-hyeok Park for the 2024-25 season rookie draft 1st round pick and transfer fee of 150 million won to fill the void. brought

Park Jun-hyeok began his professional career by being nominated by Hyundai Capital as the 1st pick in the 2nd round in the 2017 rookie draft. There are reviews that say that his ball skills are short and his basic skills are lacking, but the number given by his 205cm is attractive. He is the second tallest domestic player after Korean Air Chun Jong-beom (210 cm).

Opportunities were somewhat limited when I was at Hyundai Capital. There are national team middle blockers Choi Min-ho and Park Sang-ha, and Song Won-geun and Jeong Tae-joon are also holding out. There was no room for Park Jun-hyeok to squeeze in. He played only 72 games during his five seasons with Hyundai Capital. He has not played in a single game for Hyundai Capital this season.

However, he came to our card and was constantly given opportunities to draw his growth. He appeared in 13 games and scored 40 points. He records 0.450 blocks per set and holds the center of our card with Lee Sang-hyun.

Of course, it’s still not enough. It is true that he is showing a disappointing appearance in the details because his commanding power is short and he does not have enough time to breathe with his colleagues. However, I am looking forward to the potential and possibilities that Park Joon-hyuk will draw in the future. That is why Woori Card manager Shin Young-chul trusts and appoints him.

Park Jun-hyeok, who met with MK Sports at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 9th, said, “When I first came, it was unfamiliar and the atmosphere was different. He also thought he would have a hard time adapting to come during the season. But I’m happy that his hyungs make me feel comfortable and joke around a lot.”

Park Jun-hyeok’s career high season is the 2020-21 season. At that time, Park Jun-hyeok played 34 games and scored 58 points. But now that he is constantly being given opportunities, he is likely to surpass them.

Park Jun-hyuk said, “When he was at Hyundai Capital, he couldn’t play many games, so he had a strong desire to play. He is motivated even now. Seungbin hyung from the side also tells me a lot. He tells us a lot about fast-break steps, timing and positioning.”

He said, “When I first played as a starter, everything was fun, so I felt comfortable. After that, it didn’t go well because I thought I was going to do well. So after the last game, (I) Kyung-bok hyung said, ‘Don’t think too much about it and just relax’. He’s trying to have fun again,” he added.

Director Shin Young-chul previously said, “Park Joon-hyuk is now teaching all parts again. Start with the attack step balance, and teach the serve again. He has improved a lot, but he needs to work harder.” 스포츠토토

In response, Park Joon-hyuk said, “Like the director said, everything has really changed. Like the under toss, the thing that changes the most is the serve. At Hyundai Capital, you served with a roll and hit, but here you want a non-rotating floater serve. It also wants complete no rotation. I’m paying attention to blocking as well. Sok Gong said, “I try not to worry because Seung-bin is a good match for his brother.”

Park Joon-hyuk continued, “Director Choi Tae-woong and manager Shin Young-chul have different defensive postures. It is changing too. Director Shin Young-cheol emphasizes basic skills and connections. He needs to work harder on that part too.”

Park Joon-hyeok is the older brother of Park Ji-soo (KB Stars), who is called the best center in women’s basketball in Korea. The modifier ‘Park Ji-soo oppa’ was always added to the front of the name. But not anymore. Park Joon-hyeok is not someone’s brother, but a confident Woori Card’s main middle blocker.

Park Jun-hyeok said, “I am grateful that a lot of spectators have come to the stadium these days and cheered me on. I will repay your support. It is my goal to be called Woori Card Park Jun-hyeok,” he said with strength.

Finally, he said, “Every player wants to win a championship. Even if the regular season is difficult, I want to go up to the postseason and win the championship game. Personally, I am focusing on blocking and serving to have a good season. My goal is to use my own serve perfectly until the end of the 4th round,” he smiled.

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