‘No matter how urgent it is… ‘ Arsenal lacking strikers, aiming for Real’s ‘retirement’

 A report came out that Arsenal, whose challenge to win the English Premier League for the first time in 20 years due to a famine of strikers, could end up making the worst choice. It is news that Real Madrid is showing interest in Eden Hazard (32), who is called the ‘worst scam ever’ and is on the verge of being kicked out.

The Daily Star, a British mass media, reported on the 10th (Korean time) that there is a possibility that Hazard, former Chelsea ace, could transfer to Arsenal. Citing a report from Foot Mercato, the media said, ‘Arsenal are looking for a new striker in the January transfer window. If Shakhtar Donetsk’s winger Mikhailo Mudrik is missed, there is a possibility of an urgent signing of Hazard.” 스포츠토토

Arsenal are currently at the top of the EPL and are aiming for their first championship in 20 years. They are 5 points behind 2nd place Manchester City. can’t be relieved In particular, due to the injury of striker Gabriel Jesus, the red light came on on the winning front. That’s why they are frantic about recruiting strikers. They are aiming for Mudrik as their number one priority, but if that fails, they are also trying to recruit Azar. It is also known that he has already been in contact with Real Madrid.

If true, it’s shocking. This is because Hazard is already a player branded as a ‘retired’. Of course, Hazard was called the ‘EPL King’ just four years ago. He played an active role as Chelsea’s ace and led the EPL championship twice. But that is a story of the past. In 2019, Real Madrid paid 115 million euros (approximately 153.7 billion won), the highest transfer fee ever for the club, but was unable to show his Chelsea skills due to overweight and frequent injuries.

This season, they are being treated as out of power. He also participated in the 2022 Qatar World Cup as a member of the Belgian national team, but showed significantly lower skills. Arsenal needs a goalkeeper who can be used right away, but Hazard, who is evaluated as having completely lost his prime form, is unlikely to play this role.

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