Neymar welcomes Suárez: “Pig, do your best in Brazil”

 “Fat, good luck. I love you”.

Neymar left a special greeting for Luis Suarez through his SNS on the 6th (Korean time). He expressed his intention to welcome his best friend at FC Barcelona in the past with the nickname ‘Fat’.

Gremio reported the news of Suarez’s recruitment through the club’s official website on the 1st. His contract expires at the end of 2024. 스포츠토토

Suárez, who scored 35 goals in 33 appearances in the 2009-2010 season at the prestigious AFC Ajax in the Netherlands, moved to Liverpool in 2011. After that, he drew a career upward curve. He continued to improve each season, scoring 31 goals and 12 assists in the 2013-2014 season in the English Premier League. He won the league’s top scorer.

After moving to Barcelona, ​​Suárez reached the peak of his career by winning four regular leagues, four King’s Cups, and one European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL).

After that, in 2020, he transferred to Atletico Madrid, Spain, and began to draw a downward curve. After finishing his European career and moving to South America, he is spending the last years of his career.

It is Suarez who continued his career in South America. Suárez, who left the European stage in July of last year and moved to Uruguay’s professional team Nacional, will play in Brazil this time. Gremio, where Suárez will play in the future, is a promoted team belonging to the first division from next season.

Gremio is a team in the Brazilian league. Neymar, who had been with Suárez in the past Barca’s heyday, showed pleasure. He wished Suárez good health, saying, “Welcome to Brazil, Fat (Suarez). Good luck there! I love you so much.”

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